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    Default Advise, Pointers Tips??????

    My Fiance and I will be married on the 23rd of October and flying down to Montego Bay on the 24th. A little over 5 months to go and we can not wait to spend the week there. And be husband and wife of course

    She visited CTI when it was COR. This will be my first jamician vacation. We have registered with the couples registry for our wedding. We do not need any other gifts and thought that was a great idea.

    I have read a few postings and picked up some great advise (Dunn River Falls and Dolphin Bay) Any pointers, tips or advise for honeymooning in October would be greatly appreciated.
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    Well looks like y'all will be only 3 days behind us!!!

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    I found out a work friend of mine will be down at CTI the same time attending a wedding. So be prepared for "Attack of the Cheeseheads" ;-) LOL.
    Really itching for these 3 months to FLY by!

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    i hear that. its killing us. we are getting rings and our bodies ready. trying to find clothes, course we are trying to drop those few pounds to look good for pics. and she wants me to buy all kinds of stuff to wear. so its fun but never racking

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