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    Default Massage time?

    What is your favorite/best time of the day to get a massage? Which venue at CN do you most enjoy for said massage?

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    I love to get a massage in the morning around 9 or 10 - then I head over to the bar get a cold bottle of water, a glass of jucie and head to the beach and take a nap under the seagrapes. Then by lunch time I am ready to go for the day. As for location, I have always just had my massages at the spa in the standard rooms, they are open air and you can hear the water, feel breezes etc.

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    About 10am to noon is a great time. No heavy foods in your stomach and no booze in your system (yet).

    If you haven't ever tried one try the 4 handed deep tissue massage.

    If you don't feel relaxed after one of these then you need a longer stay at Couples. Nadine and Meliceant will make you feel like a new person.

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    we got ours at dusk, after all the craziness of the day was done and it ended about an hour and a half before dinner, which was perfect because we had time to go soak in the hot tub, then go shower and change for dinner, all at a leisurely pace.

    As for CN massage spots I don't know 'cause I haven't been. =)

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    I wouldn't say that I have a favorite time of day, but my favorite location is the tree house. It's only $10 more to get it there and it is so worth it.
    Juliann & Jeff
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    We had our couples massage in the tree house, it was awesome. I believe our massages were at 8am. It was nice to have them early because it was nice and quiet, as they weren't using the scuba pool while we were up there. The scuba pool is next to the tree house.

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    Default Massage Tree House

    We will be there in 21 days and was just wondering what is the tree house? We definitely love massages and was just wondering about this. Didn't see it listed in the on line brochure.

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