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    Default Birthday Celebrations at CN

    We will go to CN for our first time in June to celebrate our 20th anniversary. I will also celebrate a birthday while we are there. Do they do anything special for your birthday if you have it while you are there?

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    Depending on which restaurant you eat in for dinner, they could bring you a cake and sing happy birthday.
    If you eligable to attend the repeat stay dinner they will mention it during dinner
    (note to be eligable for the repeat stay dinner even though you might not be a repeat stay guest just register for Romance Rewards before you arrive.

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    I celebrated my birthday last year CSS. Everybody at the beach bar did shots with me....many shots. The shots were on the house lol. That was about it.

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    Last year, at CTI, they brought my hubby his dessert with Happy Birthday written on the plate in chocolate and sang happy birthday to him. It doesn't hurt to ask when you get there.

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    At CSA they brought a man a little dessert and his friends and the waiter sang.

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    When we were at CN a couple years ago it was my husbands birthday on the night of the repeaters dinner. I went to the front desk and requested a birthday cake for him. While they would not deliver it to him at the repeaters dinner (I completely understood that) they did deliver it to our room when we were not there. He was surprised!! We brought it down to the pool deck area after dinner and drinks and shared it with people we met while at CN. We just went to the restaurant and they gave us plates and forks and we got our own drinks at the bar. It was delicious!!!!

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    i too will be celebrating my birthday at CN in september. my only concern is they dont run out of crown royal!!!!

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