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    my wife and i are thinking about going to CN in dec. What is the difference in CN and GL, as far as attitude and atmosphere?

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    Default We've Been to Both CN & GL

    We have been to GL & to CN ........ the difference is ............. we have been to CN 4 times (CSA once & CSS once) but have never returned to GL. That should say it all. Returning is the biggest compliment you can give a resort & returning 3 times & dreaming about it night & day is a real sign of the difference.

    We had an OK time at GL - of course the main beach is gorgeous since it's the same beach as CN basically - the staff was very nice at GL pretty much like at CN - the rooms at GL were nicer in my opinion but that is about all I have to say on GL. The atmosphere at CN is TOTALLY different!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!!!!!!! As far as food goes, I lost 3 pounds at GL & always gain 5 -7 at CN. The pool at CN is THE BEST!!!!! The "couples" atmosphere at CN is a LOT more relaxed than the "adults only" atmosphere of GL. CN is our PARADISE!!!!! No need to look further. Don't waste your time or $'s ......... Been there - done that! CN CN CN CN CN CN CN CN - 'Nuf said.

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