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    We are taking the Air Jamaica 6am flight from Philadelphia on 12/10/10 and arriving in Jamaica at 9:30am...can someone tell me if the airport will be crowded and will we get to CSA quicker because of the early arrive.

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    Earlier arrival at MoBay = earlier arrival at your resort. Time spent in line at Immigration/Customs is dependent on incoming traffice, but not normally more than an hour at most.

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    You'll actually do better at 9:30am than most flights. During the morning, they usually get 3-4 flights in during an hour (if that). From noon to 2pm, they get about 8-10 per hour.

    And, as Chris said, you'll get to the resort earlier!

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    taken that flight out of philly a few times expect to be on the beach by 12:15. Heads up after you get off the plan i would suggest you walk briskly to get ahead of as many folks who ultimately do not have their paperwork filled out.

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    Hi - That's A GREAT Flight AND a GREAT time - we have done it!! We were the only plane arriving at that time ! Customs & Immigrations were a BREEZE!!! We were at the resort before 10:30 a.m. (we gained an hour when we arrived - that won't happen in December).... so figure 11:30a.m. at the resort!! Have a FANTASTIC Time!!!
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    Not only is the arrival time a factor, but the day of the week, & the time of the year all factor into how quickly you can get through the airport and on your way. Then there is the traffic factor--which can again vary depending on the time, day, time of year etc.

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    We usually land by 6:30-6:45am and are the first ones through Immigation and Customs..which is pretty quick at that time of will still be plenty early to get out quickly.

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    As Chris says it depends on incoming traffic and I know we are on the AJ flight from NY (JFK) and we arrive the same time as you. They have been moving quickly since they redid the airport. Enjoy!

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