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    Default Miami vs Charlotte

    I need to book my airfare, but which connecting airport will be easier to navigate? Is there a difference in wait time for customs on the return trip? Please help!

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    Charlotte is much easier to navigate thru no question!

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    I've never been through Miami...but we did go through Charlotte each way and it was super easy to get through customs and to the new gate. Good luck!

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    Here's some food for thought.

    Miami is large and very busy from what I have read and heard from others that have been through there. Charlotte, while not a small regional airport, is smaller and less congested from the reports that I read. We are going through Charlotte in June and from my personal point of view I am glad we are transferring through Charlotte rather than one of the other huge airports that we could have gone through.

    But that's just me. You will get more opinions and personal experiences from others. Watch your thread. Have a great trip!

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    Charlotte is significantly smaller and easier to navigate. Miami is huge and customs can be a pain. We had our bags searched in Miami just because they saw on our form that we claimed 20 pounds of coffee. You could smell the coffee in our bags from a mile away! lol
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    I don't know about Charlotte, but the Miami airport is a nightmare! We try to avoid it if possible. Long, long , walks and most of the people we encountered working there are not pleasent to deal with. Don't know if that is always the case but it's what we ran into on two trips going thru Miami. We are coming back through Atlanta next month on our trip to CSS, but it looks like we are stuck going through Miami next December unless I can see some better prices on airfare in the next couple of weeks.

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    It would be best to avoid Miami on the return, since Customs can take a lot longer there- especially with flights from the Caribbean. Even Fort Lauderdale ( FLL ) would be better.

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    Haven't been through either, yet. We fly into MIA but are coming back through Dallas. We leave May 5th. I'll post my experience when we return.

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    I will NEVER go through customs in Miami again if I can in any way avoid it. Maybe it was just the time we arrived but it was a total mad house. Took us an hour to get through the line and it was not well organized so it was confusing to navigate. The airport itself is fine so I would not have a problem taking an outgoing flight through there.


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    Ask me in five months time what I think.

    We booked American, which of course goes through MIA. Last year, we used US Airways, which uses CLT, and that was a breeze clearing customs.

    However, this year, we opted for American because (a) it gets us there in the morning, instead of early afternoon when all of the other North American flights flood MBJ (and means we'll have most of the afternoon daylight still left); and (b) it was $300 less than US Airways would have cost us. We did make sure we had a three-hour layover in MIA on the way back, which sounds like just enough time to clear customs....

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    We had no problems going thru Customs in Miami - to the contrary, it was actually a breeze. And we were fortunate that once we cleared Customs and retrieved our baggage, it wasn't all that much of a jaunt to our connecting flight back to LA. We were able to take advantage of that light rail transporter, which made it a lot easier.

    But I'll agree with those who say Miami is monstrous in size. Because it was the inbound flight from LA and into Miami, then getting to our connecting flight to Mobay, where we learned how long that terminal is, at least the terminal for AA. As Murphy's Law would have it, the gate for the Mobay connector was the furthest one from where we exited our LA flight. It seemed to take forever and for whatever reasons, we didn't have that transporter train to haul us over there. That was one damn lengthy walk. It didn't affect us time-wise, being we had a huge 4+ hour layover anyway. But man that was a long hike.

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    Default Miami vs Charlotte

    Will let you as 2 years ago we did Miami and next week will be doing Charlotte. Miami was a zoo and customs not that bad and are bags were not searched and we listed items on the sheet. Also our flight was delayed out of Miami to MBJ and weather was perfect.

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    Miami is a nightmare! Long lines, running for our plan and our bags didn't make the flight. Charlotte, nice and easy, no long lines and time to have something to eat. I will never go through Miami again.

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