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    Default CN - NYC Couples Vacation

    My husband and I have stayed 7 days at Couples Negril. I just wanted to say Thank You to everyone that works there, because we had truly wonderful time. People were super nice, resort very clean and comfortable. But our biggest thanks go to the Chefs. SUPER DELICIOUS, OUTSTANDING FOOD, special thank to the Chef at Cassava Terrace - your food was like magic. We wish that we could visit CN more often. Thank you everyone.

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    We wish that we could visit CN more often
    You can! Simply plan your next trip now and take advantage of some of the pricing plans.

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    That was a very nice post! People seem to complain a lot and I loved what you said. When we were at CN,my husband would always try to find the chef after each meal and thank him because it was so WONDERFUL!

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