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    Default advice on RT transfers

    The package I am looking at includes RT Transfers from MoBay airport. Of course CSA is going to want the departure flight time so they know what time to shuttle back to Mobay. What if I am not flying home and going to stay in Mobay for a few more nights. If my package includes RT transfers that I paid for in my package could I just take the transfer back to Mobay and be on my own from there? Or do I "NEED" to provide a flight number.I cant see paying a cab 100 dollars for a ride back to Mobay when I have paid for this ride already in the RT transfer. Could I just find out what time they have shuttles leaving and pick one to get one? How would this work?

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    Just tell the front desk exactly what you are doing and they will provide transporation at anytime at no charge.

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    They will provide the transfer, but it will be to the airport. You will need to make your arrangements to get to your MoBay destination.

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    Default Transfers

    We were @CSA week of 2/27/09. On our return back to the airport our shuttle bus stopped in Mobay at another resort and dropped off passengers that just spent a week @CSA and they were meeting up with friends to spend another week in Mobay. I thought that was pretty nice of CSA. I'm thinking it is not a problem for them to drop you off.

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    That WOULD be a great gesture!

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    WOW thanks for the info Joy! I was thinking of asking the transfer driver to put our bags in last so they would be on top and offering an extra tip to drop us at our resort in which we will drive right by anyway!! (of course only if he is running on time and didnt get into a traffic jam like we did last year) If not I can grab a cab from the airport as it is a five min drive from there!

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