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Thread: CSA Raquetball?

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    Default CSA Raquetball?

    has anyone seen or used the racquetball courts at CSA?
    Looking for info on condition, if they have decent racquet available to use and if there is a pro on staff.


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    The racquetball courts at CSA are average. There are two in the building and the one on the right has a better floor. The walls are concrete (hard). We use their rackets. They are descent rackets. Bring balls and goggles. Also, make sure the air-conditioning is turned on when you use the courts. There is a pro on staff and there are lessons available. Also, there is a signup sheet if you are looking for a partner to play. We played every morning and there is no need to reserve the court.

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    All good questions. I used the facility once, back in 1995, but not since. If memory serves, its a combination racquet/squash court, which means that the bottom of the front wall has the metal "splash" on it, which I found a bit annoying.

    The only other time I've ever heard of the court being used (not that I keep track), was during hurricane Ivan, when it was used as a shelter. I'm sure some folks use it, its just one of those questions that almost never comes up here.

    I'm also fairly certain that equipment is available for use.

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    Yes both were pretty decent. A few times I played with the tennis pro that was there. You wouldn't happen to be going this Oct. would you? I am always looking for someone to have games with.

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    Sorry we are going later this week. Hadn't thought about taking balls but my hubby ( the real player) can be picky about those. Thanks. I guess we weren't expecting too much but if there is someone who could challenge him for good workout it would be nice

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    I will be down the latter part of June and looking to play in the mornings

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    Aj2 - SOOOOO sorry we'll miss you. My husband is an A/Open player and is always looking for competition, but we won't be there until the 12th. Will you guys still be there then?

    He found the courts to be OK. Definitely usable, but not spectacular. You DO want to turn on the air, and there was sometimes a little moisture on the walls.

    And they have 2 designated squash courts and 2 racquetball courts.

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    Vee- Our flight out is on the afternoon of the 12th. My husband is an A player so would have been a good challenge.

    leaving in the morning now so I will pass on the info on the courts to him. thanks everyone!

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