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    Default Dunn River excursion

    Can anyone tell me about the Dunn River Excursion? What it is all about. What should you wear and take with you? Everyone is always telling me if I get a chance I should see Dunn River.

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    Dunns River Falls is a wonderful attraction that is not to be missed. It is a free excursion if you stay either of Couples Ocho Rio resorts (CSS & CTI)
    Try to go on a day when no cruise ships are in port otherwise it is much too crowded to enjoy. Usually on Sundays there are no cruise ships in port
    Also avoid going thru the craft viallage as you depart the Falls. It is a horror. Just bear left as you leave and depart the Falls going out the entrance. We were lucky the day we went the craft village was closed so the people could attend church

    What should you bring? Small bills for tips for the driver of the bus, the tour guide and the guides who actually take you up the falls. Don't buy the DVD they take and bring a waterproof camera for pictures. Bring water shoes or old sneakers from home. Don't buy watershoes at the Falls they are way overpriced. The buse from Couples will bring you to a store that sells the watershoes that is much more reasonalble. Still bringing them from home is best
    Wear a bathing suit and shirt. You can leave dry clothes on the bus. They lock the bus while you are climbing the falls

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    The Dunn's River Falls excursion is a couple hours visit to Dunn's River Falls outside Ocho Rios. You'll start with a bus ride from either CSS or CTI as it's included in your stay (it would be too costly to go from CSA or CN). Upon arriving at the Falls you'll be given instructions to follow by the driver and then will meet the videographer who will film your group's climb. Be sure to wear a swim suit and t-shirt along with shoes suitable for climbing and being in the water. It would be an advantage to bring a waterproof camera also. You'll meet your guides and start your climb from the beach. The water is cold but you soon get used to it. You'll climb the Falls as a group, forming a human chain. It's 900+ feet up the Falls to the top. There you'll want to tip your guides appropriately so bring some cash. From there you'll be lead through the craft market,where you won't have time to stop and buy, back to the bus. The videographer will attempt to sell you a video of your climb and will bring it to the resort that evening. He'll ask $40, but remember you're in Jamaica and US currency can significantly reduce the price. We'll agree with those that have told you that Dunn's River is not to be missed. Been there and done it 2 times now!!

    Enjoy your climb!

    Bart & Bug

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    Not to be picky, but it is Dunn's River.

    Dunn's River is a waterfall that climbs about 1,000 feet. You start at the bottom and a guide will help you get to the top while you climb the falls.

    Take a couple dollars to tip the guide and money to tip the driver. Wear good shoes that won't come off or slip on the rocks and take a waterproof camera. Otherwise leave everything else at the resort. You will get completely soaked in the falls.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    We would like to know if a digital camera is good for this trip or should we purchase a disposable one?? We don't want to take a chance and ruin our digital camera because it gets wet. Any information would be helpfull.


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    there is a very good chance that your camera will get wet, you would probably be best with a waterproof disposable camera, a waterproof case for your camera or buying a waterproof digital camera. We purchased the olympus stylus 1030SW before our last trip and loved that it was waterproof, we took it snorkeling, to Dunn's River, to Dolphin Cove, around the pool, etc... all without worries!

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    Can i wear my lycra square cut trunks to Dunns? or would that be too much?

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    So does CSA not even offer a trip there? I am staying at CSA and really want to go back to Dunns....

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    CSA does not offer a DRF excursion,but you can hire a private car to take you there and back. Expect to pay approx. $200. for the car and driver plus tip. You will also have to pay DNR addmisions.IMHO it is not worth it. There are may excursions less then 90 minutes from Negril that are just as enjoyable

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    Topvega....if I'm not mistaken. At CTI & CSS the Dunn River is included for free. But at CSA & CN you can do it but it cost extra. Were at CN you have the Catamaran cruise which is free...they dont have that at CSS. Its a trade off. the Dunn River is on the Ocho Rios end of the Island. A good 2 1/2 - 3 hrs from Negril. I maybe wrong..but I thank thats right.

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    Thanks for the replies...we will just find something else fun to do instead...not a big's all good in Jamaica.

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    Topvega...Last year when we were at CN we went on the horseback ride excursion. If you are into that its really fun. And we got to see a lot of the country side and people you don't always get to see. But they also have other excursions to pick from at CN. THey are all extra but lost of fun. They have a desk area set up next to the gift shop that can arrange those for you. So look them up. Also dont miss the sunset catamaran cruise that is free at CN that is great fun.

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    my wife and I have been to both CSS and CN. While at CSS we did the Dunn's River excursion because, as stated, if you're near there, you have to go. While at CN, we paid for the YS Falls/Black River/Appleton Rum Factory excursion. IMHO, we enjoyed this more than Dunn's River.

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