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    Default Cornell and Lisa, May 2010

    Let's get the MAYBEEs list going! Who else is going to be at Swept Away next May?

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    Cornell and Lisa,
    First, it was so nice to meet you guys in May and look forward to future times together. I have a few pics of the talent show if you're interested, email me " dontaylor at bellsouth dot net ".

    OK Second, as you know we have a deal that can't be beat to go to Maui May 2010, which would mean that we would miss you guys next year. HOWEVER, I'm working very hard on a plan that will get us to CSA for at least a short trip, so don't count us out just yet. I'm looking at it like this... the trip to Hawaii is so cheap, why should it keep us from Jamaica? Right?

    Anybody know of a direct flight from Maui to Montego Bay ?

    More to come as the plan evolves...

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    Default Marissa & Zack- 5/17/2010

    My fiance & I will be there for our honeymoon in May! First time in Jamaica and I am already counting down the days : )

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    My fiance and I will be there May 23-30th. I can't wait. He has never been out of the country.

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    Doug and Vee. Trip #4 to Swept Away, #5 to Couples. Yahoo.
    Looking right now at May 6 - 14th. Not set in stone, but I think we're gonna book today.

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    *Raising hand* We just booked for 5/21 - 5/29/09!!! CAN'T WAIT!!!!

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    Wahoo. We are official. 8 nights in an Atrium suite -- May 6th - 14th and I just can't wait.

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    Cornell, mi frien'! (And LISA, too!)

    Got your e-mail the other day. Lots going on here, lots to reflect on... one day I'll tell you about it, but circumstances have led us to...

    BOOK IT FOR 2010!

    We're on board for the same week as you. We're really looking forward to another great time, and Joyce is shoppin' for some Bob Marley drinkin' boots. She's really lookin' forward to losin' it on the beach at SweptAway!

    Keep in touch, mi frien'!

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    Default Already Booked

    We will be there May 27-June 3, 2010. We are 3 timers and my sister is a three timer...but her bf and the other two couples with us will be first timers.
    We are all staying in the GHVS.
    Can't wait!!

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    Default Maybee's unite!

    Wow - an all-star line-up already! Don (and Kim) I will write you at the email address you provided! Maui to Mo'bay - I think Air jamaica has you covered

    Vee, Claire 7676, A_Future_Mrs, Marissa54, SnW - May 2010 is almost here, looking forward to meeting everyone on the beach!

    Chris and Joyce - you ROCK! We can't wait see you two again, and we'll pick up the fun right where we said goodbye last month - right by the beach bar!!!

    I also have insider information that Larry and Marie have already booked, and Kevin and Angie (missing since 2006) are about to pull the trigger and book as well!

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    Default Hey Chris....

    [COLOR="Green"]Yes, I saw the Bob quote - nice touch![/COLOR]

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    So Cornell -- What are YOUR dates? I can't believe I'll get to meet the famous (infamous) Cornell. Your posts were some of those that convinced us to go to CSA 4 years ago. And now, it has become an annual pilgrimage.

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    May 21-30, 2010 ! Looking forward to meeting you too!
    - the"infamous" Cornell and my Queen, Lisa

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    oh noooo! Looks like we'll miss meeting you by a week or so. Maybe 2011, that's one of the benefits of making 'the trip' an annual pilgrimage

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    Bummer, man.... We can't go the end of May, since that's when the kids get out of school, and we have a week of school-time nonsense. Ah, well.... We'll still be there in May.

    Now if only I could get to meet Rrrrrrrr... (whom I have not seen on the board in quite some time, since she moved to AZ and abandoned us. )

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    I recently spoke with "Rrrrrrr" via email. She rarely goes on the MB these days, and has no plans to return to Swept Away in the near future. But you never know - things can change quickly, and hopefully she'll be back on the MB, and back in Negril before long

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    Vee -

    Sorry to hear you won't be joining our particular week... seems you would fit in with our group of Maybees very nicely! Cornell & Lisa are good folks, as are Larry & Marie... heck, some of them even enjoy our company (Chris & Joyce)...

    Cornell... sorry to hear about Theresa... she's a really nice lady, and she must be truly happy in their own version of paradise... of course THEY'RE livin' the dream full time in AZ... good for them! Still, it would be nice to have them join us one year.

    On a side note, I was able to find a passable airfare, which I booked this afternoon (NWA through DTW... cash & miles... no blackout dates my A@@). If the fares drop, maybe it'll be worth my while to rebook, like we did last year. Suffice to say, the cash & miles deal still came to two coach tickets for less than the price of buying one outright.

    So... all is in place but the calendar, the beach, the cigars and the Bob Marleys... SOON COME!

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    Rrrrrrrrr is alive and well. Some bumps in the road at this time, but looking forward to returning to CSA at some point in the future. You can't keep her away from Jamaica for too long. Tru'dat she doesn't frequent the message board much, for now. But keep an eye out, you never know.

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    This topic needs a bump....

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    well we will certainly miss all you fine folks as we return "home" next April.

    Rrrrrrr is truly missed here and hopefully will get to return to Swept Away soon.

    Vee, our October stay in a Beachfront Suite was nice, but had some issues.
    loved the location.

    we will give April updates for all the folks going to Swept Awat in May.


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    I'm back on the boards! (aka CJnD) First trip was this past May. We were thinking of trying CTI but we may very well end up back at CSA. We haven't booked yet but our trip dates look to be May 22 - 31st. The countdown has begun. We cannot WAIT to get back!


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    Cool! Hope your plans work out... see you there!

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    Hello we are headed down to Jamaica for the first time in May for a Honeymoon at CSA. Steve and I are honeymooners and are excitied about this trip our arrival date is May 16!! We are staying nine nights and looking forward to paradise!

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    Me and my fiance are getting married in May! We will be there May 1st - May 8th. I can't wait! Neither of us have been to Jamaica before.

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    We'll be there May 26-June 7 for our honeymoon... first timers and SO EXCITED!

    Is it weird I'm more excited for the honeymoon than the wedding? lol

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