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    Default May Weather in Ocho Rios

    Leaving for our very first trip to Jamaica and CTI on Monday, May 3- returning May 8. I'm getting really nervous about the weather- it has been showing thunderstorms and showers every single day. Is this normal? I have read some things about how afternoon showers are normal and so it will always show some rain. The first 2 days it's 30% but then it's 60% through the end of our stay.

    Help! I am so worried our beach vacation will be ruined.

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    You're vacationing in the rains nearly every day. It usually lasts for only an hour or so.

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    No need to worry. If you read the board much you will see this type of thread show up every week. Jamaica is a tropical island, very lush. To stay so lush there must be rain. You may or may not have showers while you are there, but if you do have showers they will be for brief periods. Your beach vacation will not be ruined.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    I have read that May is Jamaica's rainy season. For the last 2 yrs we have gone the last week in May. The first year it rain briefly just about every afternoon around 3pm for about an hour only That gave us a break to go eat something. Last year we checked the weather for the week we were going and it was similar to what you see for your trip. It was raining the day we got there for a couple hours mid day after that the whole week was great. No rain. Its just a chance you take.

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    It said the same thing leading up to our last trip in September 2010..We were so worried...We were there for 8 days and didn't see any rain..Have fun!

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    It said the same thing for our recent vacation to CSS. We did see rain (I think I remember it raining really hard for about 5 seconds our first full day there! =)) and some sprinkles during varying parts of our stay but it certainly wasn't a huge inconvenience, nor did it ruin our stay. You'll see... rain happens, but then, you needed a break to go get lunch and another drink anyways!

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    I'm just curious how the weather was when you were there?? The weather is predicted to be the same for us next week.

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    No rain-no rainbows. I quit looking at the seven day forecast for our trip next week. Packing tomorrow and thinking of Jamaica!!! Can't wait.

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    The rain in Ocho Rios does not fall for long. You will experience short periods of rain in May but i doubt it will ruin your vacation.

    Weather In Ocho Rios Jamaica | Sunshine and Cool Breeze

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