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Thread: CSA review

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    I thought this was pretty "snotty".

    "I told hubby that must be the position they demote people do when they get bad reviews. LOL."

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    Someone on this thread commented that there was an issue getting coffee refills at breakfast. This is indeed an issue. I think it is a systemic problem. When you are seated for breakfast, the responsibility of the person seating you seems to be to provide you a cup positioned in a way that will be a clue to the fillers about what your coffee preference is. But they don't bring you coffee. I don't think they understand how desperate for coffee North Americans are in the morning. Putting one more person on to refill coffee would fix this. It is a problem. My wife and I solved this by getting up and going to the large pots to fill our cups ourselves. But I don't think that's what the management had in mine.

    On the positive side, one morning I went down to get a pot of coffee to take back to our room so that my wife would have a cup when she woke up. The staff was wonderful and I had no problem getting an entire pot.

    In any case, I don't think the problem here is with the staff, I think it's with the with the way they are assigned.

    Damn, I miss couples. I'd wait forever just to get an empty cup overlooking the Caribbean!

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