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Thread: May 7-14, 2011

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    Default May 7-14, 2011

    Hi all!

    We are headed to Couples Sans Souci May 7-14, 2011 and it will be our 3rd trip to Couples (CN May 2001, CSA Nov 2008) and we absolutely cannot wait! We'll be celebrating our 10 year wedding anniversary and will be participating in a vow renewal ceremony on Thursday, May 12 (unsure of time yet but your all welcome to join us)!!!

    Who else is headed to CSS this week and what are you planning to do while there?

    Can't wait to see you all!!!!

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    I will be returning to CSS in May and getting Married @ the small gazebo on May 10th.

    I just found out last night that my fiance booked and picked out the date and everything - I just have to show up.

    Is it May yet?

    Can't wait to meet you.....

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    Peggy and I,along with several of our friends,will be at CSS May 7-14 also..We plan to relax and Par Ta.


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    tommy once again we miss you guys by a couple of weeks. one of there times we will meet up again and get you another Witch tee-shirt. miss you guys. dave and linda

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    This is our first trip to couples we be there may 4 to may 9...hope to meet some good lifetime friends while there.

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    Default May '11

    My fiancé and I will be at CSS May 11-18th! We will be getting married on the 14th can't wait!!

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    My wife and I just booked. May 8th - 16th Our first time at CSS, the last of the couples properties we haven't tried.

    So excited!

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    This will be our third trip in a year (May 2010 & November 2011). CSS is more than addictive. Looking forward to chilling on SSB; eating Jerk Chicken, Crack Fries, Meat Pies & Ackee w/ Saltfish; and catching-up with the great staff!!!!

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    We will be there may 3-12 for our last trip b4 my husband goes to afghanistan. This will be our first time in jamaica and I'm so excited!!!! Hope to meet some of you.

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    My fiance and I will be there May 9th-14th, we haven't deceided on a time for our wedding yet on the 12th. We also have some friends coming with us on their honeymoon so they can be our wutnesses. This is our 1st time at Couple's and we're all excited!

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    My hubby and I are torn as to what time slot to pick for our vow renewal. Are there any pros or cons to morning vs. afternoon? It looks like 3 and 4 are already taken for our day so our choices are 10, 11, 12, 1 or 2. Any advice there. I'm ready to book the ceremony!!!

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    we opted for 2pm hope it turns out to be a good time. I figuired that gave us time to enjoy breakfast and take our time that day....!!

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    For those that will be there on Thursday, May 12 we are looking for someone to take our camera and take photos of us at our vow renewal ceremony at 10 am that morning. I just can't justify spending $300 for 24 photos. If any of you are around that morning we sure would be grateful if you had a few minutes to spare to take photos of us during the ceremony and maybe before and after. We'll share our two layer cake with you!! Our vow renewal will be in the Gazebo on the cliff at 10 am on Thursday, May 12.

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    we leave too early to help you with your pics...sorry would help you if we could. I feel the same way about the photos we just booked family pics and I'll spend less for a lot more pics...what do you! We are set up @ 2pm on the 7th and would love to share it with new friends if anyone is interested.

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    Amyangeli..Peggy and I will be at CSS on May 12th and would be honored to attend your vow renewal..Let us know if can help you at all.
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    Tommywommy, That would be AWESOME!!! Not only will I finally get to meet you but you'll get to be part of our ceremony too? Can't wait. Thank you so much for offering to help. I'd be sad if I didn't have any photos of this special ocassion. Cheers!!

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    OK..May 7-14 is offically Hugging Week at CSS...Meet a strange,swap hugs and become life long friends..It's easy,wonderful and will enchance your lives forver.

    Hugs from 10 0 C
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    I think its great that you and Peggy will be there to share in Amy's vow renewal! You are just an AWESOME guy! Peggy is lucky to have you and I look forward to our paths crossing at a Couples resort some day!

    Stay blessed!

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    Tommy and Peggy we will see you at the airport, I'm really getting excited now. It seems like forever since we've been back home. Can't wait to see the others that are now like family and meet new friends.

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    SuzyQ..I'm looking forward to CSS,seeing CSS's staff again,meeting strangers,attending Amy's vow renewal and having a great time with our dear friends Nazie,Dropem,Sharon and Alan...I indeed hope to met you SuzyQ one day at aCouples Resort...I will always have a hug for you.

    Nazie...You ready for CSS?Really ready?LOL
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    My husband and I will be heading to CSS May 3rd to the 10th. We have been to CTI(before the renovation) 4 times and can't wait to try CSS!

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    We will be there the first week of May. We are looking forward to relaxation and spiritual renewal. I have been to S but this is our first time at Couples. I have already started packing.
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    I'm a little slow to getting on the board, but lately I can't stay off. Yes Tommy, I am ready have already started putting out the clothes I going to take. I have started tanning, Dropem started a few weeks ago. I have lost the weight I gained while in MI.. Will go out this week end to see what's avaiable that I might need. We only have 15 more sleeps!!!!

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    Sandy and I will be there May 6 till 14th. Our third trip to Couples first to CSS, other trips to CN. I would like to buy a drink for the fellow JAR-HEAD listed on this post, Semper- Fi. Ready to par-ta and kick back to the sweat feel of HOME.

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    My husband and I will be at CSS 05/09 - 05/13. This will be our first trip to Jamaica and we are counting down the days! We have just celebrated our 12th wedding anniversary and are very excited about this time away from everything! Look forward to meeting all of you! Scotty and Heather

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