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    Default Where are the renovations going on at CSA?

    My husband and I are getting ready to make our 2nd trip to CSA, from 28JULY09 - 04AUGUST09, to celebrate his birthday and our anniversary. I got a little worried when I saw a recent review saying that there are renovations currently going on at CSA from another reviewer. Can anyone tell me where they are occurring? My husband and I are staying in a Beachfront Suite in the old section. I appreciate anyone and everyone's feedback on this! CSA is the best!

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    We were there last week and saw updates being done to some Atriums rooms. Just standard maintenance to keep them in great shape.

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    I was probably the reviewer on TA. The buildings that were being renovated in June are now complete. I don't know what else they will be renovating. They moved us when the noise became an issue. It was really loud, but it stopped at 5pm so many people never knew it was going on because they stayed out of their rooms all day. We like an afternoon nap.

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    plans were in the works to renovate the Palms. that being said no timetable for the renovation has been set.


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