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    We are planning our second trip to Couples, and loved CSA our first time, but we're considering SR next. For those of you who have done the SR, what are the pros and cons? If you arrive at your destination, are you able to upgrade your room, for instance if you got a garden and wanted a beachfront?

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    Been to CSA 3 times and because we wanted to save some money[alot of money]we decided to do the sr last winter.We got CSS.I figured we would end up there and we had a great vaca!
    The pros are that you save a lot of cash, and you are still going to a world class resort! It is REALLY nervewracking to have to wait to find out where you are going.It is part of the fun I guess.I think it was torture!
    The only con is that if you have your heart set on a specific resort and you don't get it, you might be disappointed, so don't do that.They are all good but very different.
    As far as upgrading,if there is room, I don't see why you couldn't pay to upgrade.We supposedly got a "run of the house" room at CSS and it was a 2 room suite with 2 flat screens, a nice verandah, and a minibar! I was floored!Wherever you end up, I hope you love it! Safe and Happy Travels

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    We normally go to CN & LOVE IT there. We have also been to CSA & were very happy there. In May, we did the SR to save some major cash but still get to Couples. We ended up at CSS & were thrilled to be trying something new on the Ocho Rios side of things because we have always stayed in Negril, even before we found Couples & became 4X repeaters at CN.

    We loved CSS because it is a beautiful resort & we knew going in that the beaches at either CSS & CTI would not be what we were used to in Negril so were not disappointed BUT .............. we failed to realize how MUCH we would miss that GORGEOUS beach & pool area that we LOVE at CN plus alot of the food & drinks that are such a part of our enjoyment at CN. We did have a very nice room at CSS with beautiful views - don't really think it was an upgrade, though. I do think you can request an upgrade once you get there & pay the difference if there is something available but we did not.

    We enjoyed our trip (even with a LOT of rain all week) & see why CSS is some people's favorite but next time, we'll head back to CN or maybe even CSA - I GOTTA HAVE THAT LONG WHITE SAND BEACH!!!! We're glad we did the SR, though. No regrets!

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