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    Default define "repeater"

    I was just reading about the awesome repeater's perks in the new brochures, and I found myself wondering... Am I a repeater? Who counts as a repeater?

    We stayed at CSS this past april, and next year we are going to CSA... repeaters or no? It's not the same resort so I wasn't sure. And how do they know if you're a repeater or not?

    Just wondering. =)

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    You are a repeater.

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    A repeater is anyone returning to any of the Couples resorts. It can be the same one as before or a different hotel.

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    Sign up for the Romance Rewards and you will get a repeater 'number'. Use this when you check into the hotel and they will track your nights for your repeater perks. When you get the RR card, contact Couples and they will make sure your nights at CSS are placed on the card.

    When you check into the hotel they ask if you are a repeater and then they verify it against their records.
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    Just make sure you are signed up for the Romance Rewards program to get your perks.

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    Where are the new brochures?

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    Does it matter if you didn't do the rewards thing the first time?

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    Anyone who has gone to a Couples Resort and has returned to repeat anther great vacation. As long as you register for Romance rewards, it makes no difference which one you went to. The return trip back makes you a repeat guests.

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    just register for the Romance Rewards program, let them know of your previous stay and start getting your rewards when you return.


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    Have you signed up for Romance Rewards? You will be considered a Repeater on your 2nd trip to any Couples Resort, you do, however have to sign up for Romance Rewards to receive the perks.

    They are awesome!!!!!

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    Make sure you register with the Romance Rewards Program.

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    You are a repeater no matter what resort you stayed at in the past - as long as you register for Romance Rewards. You can sign up online.

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    I signed up for Romance Rewards and we took our first trip last November. However...I haven't ever received this "card" that people are talking about so I am not quite sure when you get that or what? Anyone know?

    We're going to CSA in November and if I should have a card to present to them I would like to get it ahead of time. It took me some time of following up with Couples to get credit for my trip last year and don't want to have to do that again.

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    Thanks everyone! I did sign up before our first trip but never heard anything, didn't get a RR card or anything and didn't know you could sign on to check your account. Thanks to you guys I figured out how to sign on and yep- we've been credited for our last stay! free half hour repeaters massage, here we come. =)

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    Lindsi ~ I know that Randymon posted a question last Fall asking if we felt like we needed a card or if a number would do as they are trying to go as green as possible. So perhaps they no longer give out the cards, only the numbers.

    Randymon ~ Could you let us know if you are still mailing the cards?

    This is Seandymon!

    We have phased out the cards, as they served no functional purpose. All you need is your number.

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    Your RR number only works just fine. Those cards are so....2009.

    I'm still a little bit in shock that even tho this was our maiden trip to Jamaica and Couples, the fact that we stayed at both CTI and CN qualified as us repeaters for the CN portion of our trip.

    Not only did we receive our tee shirts upon check in, we also received the complimentary massages, the repeaters dinner invite, and at checkout the departure pack, which is that funky little insulated lunch bag with a couple of snack bars included. I know some were having problems receiving their stuff, especially the departure bag, but I gotta say it all went like clockwork for us.

    So for anyone who has not yet stayed at Couples yet books two resorts for the same trip, remember, you are considered a repeater at that 2nd resort. Utilize the RR to your full advantage!

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    We have friends that did a split stay their first trip between CSA and CTI. When they got to CTI for the 2nd half of their trip, they were considered repeaters and treated to the perks at that time.

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    Default Dinner

    What if you haven't been to Couples in like 8yrs? Are you only considered for the repeater's dinner if your last visit was within 2yrs?

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    D&B ... I believe that your nights (or points) lapse after a 5 year absence...

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