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    Default Ocean veranda suite at csa???

    We're booked for a Ocean Veranda Suite at CSA from July 4-11th. We're newbies to Couples and would like to know if we can request a specific room before we arrive. AND if so what room would you vets recommend? We've read so many horror stories about guests not liking the rooms they were booked in. We were thinking about upgrading to a Beach Front Suite when we arrive...PLEASE HELP OUT SOME NEWBIES!!!

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    First of all, stop worrying. Any "horror stories" that you may have read are most likely exaggerated or over dramatized.
    Second, room requests prior to arrival are not honored, by policy. Room or upgrade requests on check in may be fulfilled depending on availability. But don't count on it.

    Relax, you will have a clean room with a beautiful tropical elegance that you will not find any where else. You won't find Vegas kitch, marble and brass fittings, but a subdued Caribbean style that is classic and wonderul in its romantic simplicity. You will be, literally, a stones throw from the beach in a tropical setting that looks like a post card.

    You will love CSA and you will have the best vacation ever. Promise.

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    We had the Ocean Verandah room last September, and loved it. And, as Dirtleg say, you can't ask for specific room, you can ask (emphasis on ask) for a general preference (which floor, end unit, closer or further away from the Great House), though they can't guarantee anything. Some folks like the first floor because of lack of steps, plus you can get in and out of the room through the porch. Others like the higher-up rooms for the view.

    We'd requested a top floor end unit through our travel agent. Not sure if they had some pull, or if was because September isn't peak season, but we got an absolutely splendid room in the middle of the OVS section, so we had a respectable view of the ocean, plus the view feel of the foliage.

    And, FWIW, I counted -- from the bottom of the stairs to the beach was about 100 steps. Can't beat that!

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    But here's the thing... if, in the back of your mind, you WISH you had booked beachfront, perhaps you should upgrade NOW... if you wait, chances are pretty good (excellent, in fact) that you will be disappointed.

    By the way, the next time you read a "horror story" about a Couples resort, try detaching yourself from the situation and re-read the account. These accounts are almost always quite transparent, and soon "so many horror stories" dwindle away to a handful of minor complaints.

    Enjoy SweptAway... you're going to love the place!

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    we have stayed in many different Ocean Veranda Suites in our trips to Swept Away. loved them all. if you think you want a Beachfront Suite do as said above. book it before going.


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    Debbanks do as some of the others have suggested. If you feel that you've made a mistake by booking the wrong room then you may be setting yourself up for failure. For our first trip to CSA we booked a garden verandah suite and ended up getting upgraded to an ocean verandah suite...YIPPIE! Well when we got to the second floor room, 3210, we walked out onto the verandah and the foliage blocked any view to the beach/ocean. We got changed and strolled to Patois for an awesome dinner. The view never got us down because we hadn't planned to spend the vacation on the verandah anyway with so much to see and do. I feel that you will love your time in Paradise no matter what room you get. Enjoy your stay at your new home away from home!

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    Thanks for all the help! I guess I should just relax and enjoy. Thanks again

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    We were there in APril and lucky had 3310 - we loved the location - slap bang in the middle - not to close to noise and 10 second walk to the beach! As all say - I guess its all about your mentality - just go with positive thoughts of the thought you will be one of the most beautiful places in the world and the room will be clean and well stocked - even if you had a poor view - you could be within an amazing view within seconds - we never even used our balcony - I have learnt that - and will choose differently perhaps in future. Enjoy and have a mojito for me!

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    My husband and I just returned from CSA and we stayed in an Atrium Suite and LOVED it. The walk to the beach is hardly a walk and you get to hear the tree frogs at night. You are hardly in your room anyway except to sleep and shower. We are having withdrawal symptoms!

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