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    Default Lobster Night in Negril

    Hi! Im sure this has been covered before but i cant seem to find it..can anyone tell me when lobster night is at Couple Negril??

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    We just returned from CN on July 2nd we just miss the lobster they serve it on Fridays. I hope you enjoy your stay as much as we did.

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    Friday night but only in season. I don't believe there is lobster in the summer

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    Friday night is lobster night at CN

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    Lobster night is Friday Night. Enjoy!

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    Friday is lobster, but when i was there they did NOT serve lobster at Lychee. they did at every other resteraunt though

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    Thanks All!!! Am new to the message board but love reading it everyday...Getting ready to leave in 10 days, so excited!! CAN'T WAIT!!!

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    Default Darn it

    I thought I remembered lobster was Friday - we are heading to MoBay next Friday so will miss the delicious lobster served at CN. Maybe they will serve it at repeater's dinner - regardless all the food at CN is awesome. 85 hours until we land YA MON

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