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    Default CSA - Looking forward to getting Ackee...

    My husband Leo and I (Brenda) are so looking forward to coming back to CSA. JUST TO BE TOGETHER IN JAMAICA IS ROMANTIC IN ITSELF!!!

    I haven't heard anybody talking about Ackee... Will we be able to get it there again? And if so, on what night?

    30 days and counting May 28 - June 1.

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    There is ackee on the breakfast menu at the Palms most days.. Ymmmmm... I think they also have it on the buffet at the Beach Party, but honestly don't remember, since we don't usually DO the beach party.

    Enjoy and have a great trip! 13 days for us.

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    i saw ackee at the Palms for breakfast last week. i do not remember it at the beach party. we dined off the menu at the Palms for dinner so i can't comment there.


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