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    We have been back home now for two weeks after our 4th trip to CSA. Before the 2nd, 3rd & 4th visits I kept thinking that maybe this time I will get my fill of this place. Each trip has been better than the one before! We are already talking about going back again next year.

    I got to thinking about the value of this place. We each made ten scuba dives. We booked before June 30 last year so we received the $500 credit. We are Romance Reward members, so we got the extras that went with that. I have checked out other all-inclusives and have yet to find one that includes scuba. The cost of dives would have to be considered. Each visit, we try something we haven't done before. This year it was kayaks. Ken liked them so much that the day after we got home he bought one for our lake house. Then, he bought another one - now we have two.

    I purposely took pictures of the hobie cats and sailboats so I could print and frame them. My aunt commented that they looked like postcards. They do!

    I am sure we will be back next year. Another part of the trip is booking early and experiencing the anticipation.

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    Default Ditto Gayle Ann

    We feel the same way. We've never found a place that was such a perfect "fit" for us as CSA. We were there in March and have already booked for February of 2011. Definately, the "value" is there. We've been to other AI resorts, but all too often, the free drinks lead to an unruly group of guests. Somehow, we've never seen excessive bad behavior at CSA...I think it's a credit to the people who choose to go there. We're not divers, but spend a lot of time on the tennis courts. We get way more than our money's worth there.

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