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    Could anyone give some ideas on what to do after a Friday morning wedding ceremony at CSA? There will be about 20 guests. I would appreciate ideas for dining options, and any ideas on things to do after the cake cutting etc. Thanks for your help!

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    Congrats!! After our 11am wedding, we and our guest went on the cat cruise then to dinner. We only had 6 guest so we were able to get reservations at Feathers. They may be able to get you in one of the other restaurants. The beach party is Friday night so that may be an option also.

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    Just to throw in another option, will you use the resort photographer or hire someone outside of the resort. Reason I ask is that some of the photographers, like ours, can be with you for 3+ hours. She came one hour before the wedding then we had her for another couple of hours snapping pics all around the resort. So, if depending on who you use you may want to consider that time as well. I like the Cat cruise idea that r&cford mentioned. The cruise lasts for about 2 hours and is a blast. The crew is awesome and they do have drinks on board. I think the cruise is around 3:45 and comes back around sunset.

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    After our morning ceremony we did the cake and champagne in the garden then group photos, then our photos while our 14 guests had time to themselves, then we did the cat cruise at 3pm (everyone got into their swim suits) I was worried they wouldn't like to have to shower again before dinner, but no one minded. The cat cruise was such a fun and different thing to do for a wedding and everyone really enjoyed it.

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    Redsoxnation ~ Check out the wedding thread. It is located just below the pictures at the top of this page and is labeled "weddings". I'm sure there are some suggestions there that you can check out. Plus that might be a great place to post your question.
    Juliann & Jeff
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    Hmmmmmmm, What to do after your wedding?????

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    I'm also getting married at 11 o'clock friday June 18th, and having 20 guests. I'm planning on meeting back up at the beach after pictures for the afternoon with my guests than going to the friday night beach party. I haven't heard to much about the beach party, but I thought we could make it our own little reception. Debbie has already saved tables for me and my guests for that night. I was thinking about doing the cat cruise on friday, but I just thought that might be to much for one day so I'm in the process of trying to get me and my guests on the cat cruise for saturday. I thought this would be a fun activity to spend with the everyone the day after. Hope this gives you some ideas. When are you getting married?

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    The wedding is actually for my son and future daughter in law. They finally came around to my way of thinking and chose CSA! Thanks to all for the great suggestions. I will pass them all along. I believe they are using the resort photogpapher.I noticed that a few of the restaurants are closed on Friday night, so the beach party might be a great idea. The cool thing is that they are getting married on 11/11/11/ at 11 am. Thanks Juli I will check out that thread.

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