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    Default Groomsmen Outfits???

    Hey we are planning our wedding on the beach this July, and we are debating on what to have the groomsmen wear. we definitely want khaki pants, but does it make a big difference if they are not all wearing the same brand?

    what did other people have their grooms men wear?

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    I have seen pictures where the guys had diffent brands on and it looked fine. I bought my groomsment all linen pants from Old Navy beige in colour and they are wearing choc. brown linen shirts. Also brown sandles.

    The groom may have on different pants not sure yet, we did buy him the same ones but still not sure.

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    My groomsmen are wearing linen pants from Steinmart with white button down shirts. I got the shirts at Jcpenny. They're also going to be in brown flip flops. My fiance is going to wear the same pants except his shirt is long sleeved.

    Hope this helps.

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