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    Hi everyone!
    I've recently become engaged and since my fiance and i are frequent visitors to Couples it seemed like a natural choice for our wedding spot. However, on considering all aspects it became clear that there are two little girls in our families that would be crushed if they were not flower girls. So we ruled Couples out. We were at Swept Away April 3rd to April 11th of this year and one evening there was a really awesome wedding reception on the beach. While I paused to admire the reception I noticed a few extremely small people dancing in the crowd, and I said HOLY COW (except I didn't say cow). Is it possible that Couples allowed children on the property for the ceremony and reception only? Maybe the children and their parents were staying at Beaches and came over for the party?
    Any thoughts?? If this is the case...then Couples here we come!!

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    The kids can come for the ceremony.

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    I know they do for the ceremony (for a fee, I think) but not sure about the reception. Check out the 'weddings' or 'faq' tab. I'm sure you'll find the answer there. Congrats and I hope you can get married at CSA. It's a wonderful place to get married!!!

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    I think they allow them for the ceremony, but they have to stay somewhere else. You send Debbie an email to clarify the exact policy on this. also I think I read it somewhere on the couples wedding information site

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    Hello mysandytoes,
    I was reading on the website that a certain number of children may be allowed for the ceremony and reception only, and there is a fee for it. They have to leave immediately after. Check out the extras page, or even ask Debbie for the full details! Congratulations!!

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    From the wedding FAQs:

    Are children allowed at the ceremony?

    Subject to the approval of the General Manager, children may attend a wedding as guests for the ceremony and photographs only. A charge of USD $40 is required for each child. After the wedding ceremony and photographs, the children must leave the resort.
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