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    Default Air Canada Seat Sale

    I got an awesome deal on my flights to Jamaica next March. Air Canada has a good seat sale on today, I don't think the prices will get any cheaper $1300 round trip for hubby and I from Halifax...yesterday it was $2000.

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    amazing deal!!! I am going to be booking mine as a package deal from Toronto. I have been checking the and it seems to be the cheapest way for us to book everything together from a TA

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    Hi Sunstarsmoon! I just got back from Jamaica yesterday... and I can't wait to get married there next year!! My TA booked our flights and our Atrium room is booked as well. I was waiting for packages as well, but when I caught the seat sale, and I had booked the 2011 $500 resort credit, it turned out to be a better deal than a package could likely give us. Our prices are always higher here in Halifax than in TO for travel.

    I know you will, but let us know when you get booked, I love that part, it makes it feel so real!!

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    I think I will be booking late fall or even in Jan. Since there is not alot of us going I don't have to worry about the resort selling out.

    Glad you had a great time in Jamaica. I went to the airport Sat and picked up my son and his girlfriend they had won a trip to Runaway Bay with a local radio station they had a blast

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