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    Default jamaica themed bridesmaid gifts

    Hi Everyone,

    I'm trying to think of something to get my bridesmaids and his groomsmen as our gift to them. We want to get something tangible for them (not like a massage or an extra night at the resort). I was thinking about jewelery for the ladies but i get nervous because i don't know everyones personal taste when it comes to that.
    Does any one have any ideas? Any help would be great. Thank you!!

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    I wanted to do the same thing for my girls. I was originally going to get them all necklaces with little starfish, or flipflops for the day of the wedding. I ended up ordering necklaces that are the letters of their first names. I ordered them thru and the letters are made up of diamonds. I wanted to get them something nice, but not break my bank account either. They were under $40 each. I thought this way they can wear them alot more. I haven't given them to them yet waiting till we get to Jamaica. As for the guys we are having a hard time thinking of something for them.

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    We bought our attendants Personalized flasks, Pink for the ladies and brown for the guys, with our wedding date engraved. They loved them. They would have loved a massage though! Wish I would have thought of that! And someone had given me the extra night!

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    We are paying for their attire, sandals, and jewlery to match theme (starfish necklaces, bracelet, earrings ,etc.) unsure about guys jewlery think they might look silly with starfish necklaces lol.

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    How about sarongs for the bridesmaids? I have five or six that I purchased from a company based in Hawaii: Beautiful sarongs, great quality, and something your friends can use while at the resort and thereafter.

    Do the groomsmen follow any particular college or professional football team? Herrington Catalog ( has NFL and university Hawaiian shirts (I think they also have some for professional baseball teams as well). I gave my brother a Univ. of Michigan shirt as a gift before he went to Antigua. Again, they're of good quality, and the men will be able to make use of them while at the resort and after they return home.
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    For my daughters wedding, she gave them colorful beach bags with a nice pair of flip flops, picture holders made out of starfish, sun lotion, fun sunglasses and a BIG towel we ordered from Hawaii. She tied the handles closed with pretty ribbon and personalized them with the bridesmaid's initials on the ribbon. They loved them.

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    These are all great suggestions!! THank you so much!!! If anyone else has any ideas, please keep em comin! I love the bag idea, but then that means you have to bring all this stuff in your luggage. That seems like a lot extra to carry.
    SOccer dad- where did you get the flasks from?

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    We got the flasks from a Things Engraved store in a local mall. I think they are fairly easy to get at a party store that carries wedding stuff. They are really cute! Let us know what you end up getting!

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    For our bridesmaides I had a beach bag made with their names in them I made them personalized tube tops for the afternoon after the wedding they were black with jeweled words that had tropical maid of honor and tropical bridesmaid a palm tree with Jamaica under it, I also put matching flipflops in there with some after sun lotion and lip balm, and a room airfreshener... They really loved it!

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    Default Custom-Made Jewelry

    I commissioned UrsulasBeadedJewelry from to make custom bracelets for my bridesmaids: they were beautiful shell & stone bracelets that match my wedding color (green!) for the girls to wear in the ceremony (and hopefully afterwards as well).

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    Default great tropical gift website

    I recently stumbled upon this website, that I just LOVE! Pretty sure we are going to get the picture albums for out guest. I love the picture frames too!!! check it out,

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    I gave big beach bags to them before we left and packed it with a beach theme picture frame, travel candles, lip balm, Avon Sunscreen, Avon Bug spray and a couple of bandana's. I thought it was better to let each of them pack their beach bag, instead of me trying to cram my suitcase with 7 of them along with all the stuff. But I did take a smaller tote bag ($1.00) and added white and silver beads (mardi gras type) and Orange County Chopper Sunglasses - 1 girl and 1 boy and 2 battery operated tea lights. Put outside your room in front or the balcony, turn on when you leave in the evening and you can find your room soooooo much easier.

    Good luck and congratulations
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    Tons of great suggestions so far!!

    Before I decided to do a destination wedding (without bridesmaids and groomsmen) I was thinking of getting watches for the guys (whatever your budget can handle. There are several nice watches availible at mall department stores for $50
    Another suggestion is nice sunglasses (for guys or girls), but only if you have an idea of what their personal taste is.
    Hats are another idea. Guys usually like baseball type hats and woman may like a straw cowboy type hat for a little sun protection.

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