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    Christine -

    Your photographs are absolutely gorgeous !! We will be traveling to CN in 499 days to get married on 12/06/12 wedding. This will be our second trip to Jamaica but our first time as Couples guests. I absolutely wish you were going to be there to snap some photos ! I will be voting for you in the next photo contest. Wonderful job You TRUELY are talented !! You make me wish I was going to CN tomorrow !


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    Wow! Seriously some of the best photos I have seen of Couples. You are a very talented woman! Thanks for sharing!

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    Great pictures and thanks for sharing them with all of us!

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    wow, great pics. good call on bumping

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    Just saw this thread. Awesome pics. We had our honeymoon at CN 10yrs ago and we are going to CTI in November for anniversary. thanks for the memories...

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    I was on summer holidays at the lake when I received a few comments on the Couples Negril post on my blog and I wondered how they found their way to the post. Thank you for the bump as I haven't looked at the photos for quite some time. It made me happy for the memories that came rushing back, but also sad that we have no idea when we will be able to get back to Couples Negril. Someday we will go back, and maybe even try the other Couples Resorts out (although I fell in love with Couples Negril)

    I truly appreciate all the kind comments. You have lifted me up today. I appreciate it. For those that are getting ready for their trip to Jamaica, I hope you have the most amazing vacation full of love and laughter.

    Thank you!


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    like the freckle pics

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    Incredible Pictures!

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    Beautiful pictures! Can't wait to see these beautiful sites myself in 13 days!

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    Gorgeous and so poignant! How can I learn to take photos like that????

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    Fabulous pictures!!! Thanks for sharing. Our first trip to CTI is in 429 days, but who's counting??!!

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    Really nice work.

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    Spectacular photography!!!

    Also, those Jamaican smiles in the first set are just awesome! That's why we go there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by christy89 View Post
    Fabulous pictures!!! Thanks for sharing. Our first trip to CTI is in 429 days, but who's counting??!!
    I feel for you but choosing Couples is the best choice you could have made. Soon come. We booked our next trip last year in Apr. 427 days out. Down to 185 days to go. My friends have told me they no longer want to hear, every day, how many days we have left til we go back to Couples. My wife says the most annoying thing I do is remind her, every day, how close we are to going home(not such a bad problem is it?). I DON`T CARE! 185 days to go, eh!
    Ere De Fun Don Done
    Grand Lido Sans Souci Feb. 2002, Couples Negril Feb. 2010,
    Couples Negril,Feb. 2011, Couples Negril Jan. 2012,
    Cool Runnings eh!

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    Wonderful pictures!!!! Thanks for sharing!!!!! Can't wait... We arrive 11/27/13!!!!

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    Wow! I haven't even gotten through half the photos and have to post on here...such wonderful photos! I wish my photos looked half as good as yours!

    Looooove the photos of the guys just hanging out on the bench. It's my favorite so far.
    Honeymoon @ CSA 2010; CSS 2011 & 2012; CTI June 2013

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    FINALLY! someone who takes "real" pictures!! your skills were definitely not lost on me! I take pictures too... i love the bokeh in your shots and the clarity of each photo. i really like the one of the jamaicans all sitting on the bench together. very journalistic.

    anyone have shots like these for san souci?

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