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    Default Heading to CTI in 6 days...few questions.

    Hey everyone,

    My wife and I (3 years now!!) will be celebrating our anniversary at CTI. I am making a packing list, and have gotten some great ideas that I never thought about (koozies for cups, waterproof playing cards). I need some specific help though:

    Do the rooms have:
    - Mouthwash
    - Conditioner
    - Any sort of Aloe (one post made it sound included)

    Thanks for any advice!

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    Definitely shampoo, conditioner, green gel aloe and after sun lotion, small bottles, but they give you more each day. Don't think there was mouthwash though.

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    They give you a bottle of shampoo/conditioner combination, aloe lotion, and a bottle of aloe and replace them frequently. You also get a massaging bar of soap.

    I brought conditioner and just used their shampoo - worked great.

    We saw a lot of post about bugs and bug spray, never had a problem.

    Lots of suntan lotion - we brought two full size bottles and still had to buy another bottle from the gift shop. We were there 11 days.

    You will really enjoy yourselves, the staff are absolutely fantastic.

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    The aloe is not the "green" stuff, it is white and has a light "pain reliever" in it. No mouthwash. We were given refills as we needed it last week. No conditioner but shampoo.

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