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    Default Past brides who trashed the dress

    Hey everyone. I'm looking for my wedding dress for my April 2011 wedding at CTI. I really really want to do a "trash the dress" photo session but I would like to possibly wear the same dress at our at home reception.
    What fabrics seemed to hold up best during trash the dress (chiffon, satin, etc)? Was there anything special you did to clean/care for the dress after the photo session (woolite, just water, just letting it dry)?

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    no way am i trashing my dress it cost 2000 would be a great photo session though

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    I trashed my dress, and the pictures turned out wonderful!!! I had a thick satin dress. When your done, shower in your dress, and then hang it on the balcony. When you get home, you may need to have the bottom cleaned. the ocean did not damage or dirty my dress at all. The only spots were from me walking around. Definitely do it!!!

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    I'm trashing my dress too!!! It looks so FUN!!! And the pictures as so romantic!!!! I've read brides using Chiffon (don't know if I spelled that right)...all brides say the dresses clean up GREAT...I've heard let the dress air dry, and then shake out the sand, then wash it in wool lite at the Resort....Good luck!!! We are getting married in Feb. 2011...I'll post some pics, and how I cleaned my dress!!!

    ***also due a YOUTUBE search and you'll find video's of trash the dress...AWESOME, AWESOME!!!!

    peace & LOVE
    Jamie and Craig

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