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    Default Cell and Wi Fi Service at CTI??

    Hey, I know anyone reading this thread is wondering WHY is he asking such an awful question. Well, we are leaving for CTI tommorrow and we will be there 2 weeks. So trying to stay connected to my family is important, especially leaving teenagers at home, ah!! So I was checking to see if internet service either in the rooms or elswhere is possible?? Also, I have AT&T cell service, wondering if that is possible?? If not, well than maybe the kennel or babysitter is appropiate!! HA HA!! Thanks.

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    Check with your cell service for international calling. They have an internet cafe with computers and service near the main pool. Hubby picked up WiFi in the lobby, but not in the room.

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    You phone will work if you call them and add international service. WIFI is is in they lobby and works great.

    Irie Mon

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