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    Default RDYJMJM...this is for you

    RDYJMJM, here is the pic of my favorite lunch at CN (if I can get it to work)
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    Thank you!

    Now doesn't that make your mouth water!

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    OMG, I can actually smell that. It is also my favorite lunch at CSA-just 23 hours and 13 seconds till we land MBJ1

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    I am going to fight both backsoon and rdyjmjm! Now u should not b doing this to us. Yes, my mouth is watering so much, I think I just slobbed on my clothes. (lol)

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    Think of it this way.

    As you dine on this picture think>>>> NO CALORIES!

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    It's missing the corn on the cob. Oh and the after dinner or lunch ice cream cone. i think I am bringing a bottle of sprinkles on the next trip!

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    No problem. I hear from the chef that there is plenty for us all.

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