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    Default Ants in my pants! :)

    I can't even stand it! I am so anxious to GET HOME!!! 46 days to go until we return to CSA for our 3rd visit. We depart June 13 from JFK on AJ. I have been counting down since the start of 98 days, which is when we booked it! How do I get through the rest of the time? How do I continue to get work done at work? How do I think about other things when all I want to do is look at this message board?!?!?!

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    Oh and it just gets worse. We are down to 2 weeks, and i am totally wasted on anything else.

    Teehee. Hold on to your hat.

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    Totally with you... we also leave for CSA on June 13th. I am worthless right now. Ugh. Will be our first time... and I can already assure you that it won't be our last. Just sounds like the perfect place for us. Not stuffy... just relaxing and beautiful... paradise awaits.

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    I agree with Vee, the closer you get, the WORSE it gets...we're down to ONE WEEK and I can't seem to think about ANYTHING else but CSA!!! I told my dh this morning 'this time next week, we'll be in the air' and I called him a while ago and said 'this time next week we'll be at MBJ'!!! hehehe...I got it pretty bad!! I even started packing earlier than I would for any other trip hoping it would come sooner!! lol

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    Default We feel your angst.

    We could not agree more. Our "Happy Place" for the last couple of days is "Two months from now we'll be back home in Jamaica". We leave for CSA on the 26th of June and are already finding it is the focus of our thoughts. I hope you have a great time in paradise and we can hardly wait for our next stay there.

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    We'll be there the 8th -16 of june 40 days to go, I am driving my family nuts. Jamaica is all I talk about, and I'm on this board every chance i get. I rember how it felt waiting for Christmas when I was little. I need one of those count down books only instead of candy it has a Jamaican type drink. LOL

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    @redinthehead...I have a countdown app on my phone and i love it. i get to choose the background and stuff for it. it's pretty cool
    To EVERYONELSE, it looks look like we are all a bit antsy!!! There's still plenty I need to do though and shop for! Next week I will start tanning! That will be exciting. it will be the first thing i'm really doing to get ready for our trip!

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    Default First Timers

    We leave this Sunday morning.. Never been so not really getting ANTS in my pants. However we are anxious

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