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    Default Thanks to CN for the BEST vacation ever

    My wife and I spent last week at CN in celebration of her 50th birthday. It was, without a doubt, the BEST vacation that she and I have ever had. We lived for 19 years on a resort island and know that it is easy for those on vacation to be happy for a week while in new surroundings. It is difficult for the people that work in these resorts to be "on" 24/7 for 365 days a year. Not only were your facilities kept in top shape but with rare exception, the people working there were friendly and attentive. I commend you for pulling all this together to create such a wonderful environment. We enjoyed our ocean view room in building 9. It was clean and had a nice tropical "feel" that complimented the whole experience. I've stayed in resorts that had the whole marble floored, hermetically sealed feel that isolated us from our surroundings (we can go to a shopping mall for a similar experience). Our room at CN had louvered windows and sliding doors that allowed us to hear the birds and frogs. The air conditioner would keep the room as cold as we wanted but we could also dial it back to feel the tropical breeze. Our biggest challenge is to figure out how to get back to CN as often as possible. CN provided the perfect place for us to fall head over heals in love again.

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    Hi.... STD and Allison?
    Art xo Francine

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    The only thing missing is U

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    Nice review scal! Thanks for making this contribution to the board. We really enjoyed meeting both of you! Welcome to the Couples family! It's so difficult to think about going to a different resort or to think about having a vacation that doesn't include an AN beacch, isn't it?


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    I just love happy endings!

    Tell Art I'm waiting for that object he saw on the beach.

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    Loved your review. We feel the same way!
    Mariann and Jimmy

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    Hi Again - Just looked up your profile and answered my own question...
    It was GREAT Meeting you two - you are both just as nice and fun as can be!!! Can't believe your Honey is 50!!! She looks Way Too Young and Cute to pass for 50!!
    So glad you enjoyed your time in Paradise!!!
    Art xo Francine

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