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    Default August 5-9, 2010

    Hi! This will be our first trip to CSS! We will be celebrating Hubby's 50th birthday. It is a surprise for him, as I have not told him where I am taking him! He can find out at the airport! LOLOL Any advice would be welcome. I told him about the AN beach, and he is excited. I have psyched myself up to join him AN and plan on having lots of fun! I have reserved the Beachfront Jacuzzi Suite....can anyone tell me about it?

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    You'll be happy with your choice. CSS is great resort and Couples is a first class company. I'm going to post your information in the August 2010 thread. The thread has been relatively quiet so far, but should become more active as the month gets closer.

    By the wy, my wife and I will be at CSS from 7/31 to 8/7 so we might cross paths during our visits. Especially if you go to Sunset Beach.

    Have a great week
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