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    Default SSB comparison to others ?

    wondering what SSB compares to other AN beach's ! we were at HEDO 3 last year, & had a great time playing volleyball in the pool every day among other games. any comments?

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    H is much more wild than SSB. The activity personnel do come over twice a day to play games, but they are rather quiet games. There is no pool or beach volleyball. There is a nice large pool with a swim up bar. I would never compare any of the H resorts to Couples. They are completely different classes of resorts. Couples is pure romance, H know.
    Juliann & Jeff
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    Couples and H are NOTHING alike! We have seen, on this board and at the resort, a couple or two that thought this was some kind of swinging resort. Let me just say, it is not. The only kind of swinging you will see at a Couples resort is two people in love in a hammock.

    Overt sexual activity is not permitted at Couples like it is at H. You will not see any of that going on. Couples is for romance. Now this is not to say that sexual activity is not happening at Couples. It is just happening in the privacy of the couple's room. Romance is in the air.

    Just wanting to clear the air here. It seems this needs to be done every few months as some people come on this board thinking the resort is otherwise.
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    We have been to SSB, TI, CN, GLB, GLN……& H3

    Hmmm ………SSB compared to H3 .
    Just like H3 people are very respectful to each other at SSB.
    But then again I was never offered to have suntan lotion put on from a complete stranger at SSB. (Still brings a smile to my face) Of course I declined!!! ……
    Volleyball was pretty much a nonstop at the nude pool at H3.
    Don’t think I ever saw a game at SSB when we were there.
    There is very sexual vibe at H3 nude pool … at SSB there’s really very little sexuality about it. Its more on the easy going life is great vibe and. Oh ! Damn it feels good to be just laying here naked vibe.
    SSB pool closes at night …H3 pool…..well I don’t think it ever closes.
    Both places you meet the friendliest people. And both places you’ll meet the occasional creep too.. (We just ignore the creeps)
    CSS & SSB are very romantic places in an old fashion way …H3 is just crazy !

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    The nice thing about Couples is that the 3 resorts that offer nude sunbathing (CTI, CSS and CN) they all offer a different experience. None are anything like H and I hope NEVER even begin to get like them.

    CTI and CSS each have a private beach whereas CN has a designated area on a public beach. CTI and CSS is more social where CN is more private.

    Which suits you? It is all depending on what you want.

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    We have been to both and Couples is SSB is or least the time we spent there, the polar opposite of H-3. We like CTI for the island. While there isn't the overt sexual activity everywhere, there is socialization. Some people do have some game that involve alcohol, but no room for volleyball. Just friends hanging out and talking and drinking.

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