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    Default road to negril.....

    i went to sandals negril back in october 2001. i liked the rough back road that hugged the ocean. but they were working on an interstate type deal when i was there. is that complete?? or do they still use the rough side road?? like i said,...i like it the way it was. get to see some of the "real" jamaica on the way out to negril. im heading back in september this year to couples negril. REALLY looking forward to it!!!!

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    The road is still being worked on but it is fully paved now and the narrow bridge has been made much wider.

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    There's not much left of that old beach road. Since you've been on it, you'll recognise some of it when you see it... but those who've never been wouldn't even know enough to look for it.

    Its a far different, albeit more comfortable (and quicker) ride now. The new road became necessary, not just for the tourist trade, but for commerce and truck traffic as well, and Jamaicans on that side of the island are better off for it.

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