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    Default Shopping trip into Negril

    Is the trip into Negril from CN worth the time away from the resort? How long do they usually stay? Was wondering if the shopping is just local crafts or is it like other places with jewelry shops? We have been to CN before but never went into town.

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    Both... the shopping trip to town will likely bring you to the Times Square Mall, which is a strip of souvenier shops and some nice duty-free jewelry and perfume shops. There is also the craft market which is a bit closer into the downtown near the roundabout.

    Worth it? Some say it is, some say its not. It really depends how prone you are to sand gravity, whether you enjoy bargain hunting, etc. For us, we've "been there, done that", although my bride still enjoys "the thrill of the chase" when we do our beach walks from SweptAway.

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