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    Default Our own Gail Soares shares a personal story of survival.

    Greetings to all:

    Whether male or female, we all should recognize the need for regular check-ups.

    Gail Soares, Couples Resorts' Marketing Manager based in our Florida office, shares her story of surviving cervical cancer.

    We are happy to report that Mommy and Gabriel (Daddy too) are doing great.

    Do you think Gabriel has enough toys??? :-)

    Couples Resorts

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    Very cool story. Yes, y'all please get your check ups!

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    Glad to hear things are ok for her. I, too, am guilty of putting off those "yearly" exams.

    And, no, he does not have enough toys. When it's your only child, why not splurge!!

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    Great story. I'm glad everything turned out okay for Gail. I recall talking and emailing Gail prior to our last Couples visit. What a true professional.

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    god blessed gail and her baby and thank you for being brave enough to share your story... may it encourage other women to follow suit and get regular screenings

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    Thanks very much for sharing your personal experience with us. And I am very pleased that you are a person who survived her extremly unpleasant ordeal.
    I too am a cancer survivor. And like you, my cancer would not have been found if it were not for a simple blood test. That is the message that we must make everyone understand. See your doctor on a regular basis. Don't keep putting it off. There is much that medical community can do for us. But the first step must begin with each of us.
    Continued success for you and your family. Gabriel is adorable. And because you took that first step to identify the problem, he will have many happy years with you and your husband.

    Don't put it off folks. The saddest words I think that a doctor can say to us is, "I wish you had come in sooner". This is important for both men and women. Make an appointment today.


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    Thank you so much for sharing your personal story. I am very happy that your story has a happy ending. I just found out today that a dear dear friend of mine who has been battling 2 cancer's for years lost her fight last night.

    So many cancer's are curable in their early stages, time is something that cannot be taken for granted or replaced.

    Make sure you have your annual physicals!

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    Well Done Gail...My wife is also a cancer survivor and we owe her life to the miracle of early detection. To celebrate her completion of year long treatments I recently took her to Couples Negril and we had the greatest time.

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