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    Default Hurricane in August??? Any Thoughts...

    Hello Everyone,

    We are booked for CSA August 7th-13th, and did not think much of it until we were out with collegues who just happened to mention hurricane season. Was wondering if anyone could give advice if you've travelled in August, or do we need to be worried?

    Maybe our friends are just jealous... Any advice will help.



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    No question August is smack in the middle of the Hurricane season in Jamaica. Hurricanes rarely hit Jamaica. Although it rains during that time almost every day. When it rains it usually rains for a short period of time and then gets sunny again

    The rate you get in mid August is the same rate you would get all the way to 12/25.
    If you could go during December there is less chance of a Hurricane and or rain.
    I understand that everyone's schedule is not that flexible. So go when you can and hope for the best. We went once July 4th week and it rained only once in the afternoon the entire week

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    Patra, I think there is a risk of hurricanes in August, but typically not a high risk. September is a much more active month for hurricanes. You are going early in August, so hopefully the risk is low. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you...would hate for you to miss this kind of paradise.

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    August is almost the peak of the hurricane season. Even near the peak the risk of a storm is low, but still a risk. We are traveling to CSA in August as well, and did purchase travel insurance just in case...

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    Think of the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico as a really big country... like the US.

    Now consider this. There WILL be a tornado in the US sometime this week. It might be a really big one, or it might be a dust devil. And we haven't the slightest idea where it will be.

    Likewise in the Caribbean Basin and Gulf of Mexico. There WILL be a hurricane in August. Maybe more than one. It might be a large one, or it might barely be a hurricane at all. And no one... NO ONE... knows when or where it will be.

    Don't sweat it. Buy Travel insurance. Put it in the back of your mind, and enjoy your visit to paradise.

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    We go every August. The rates drop a bit mid-month. It's just the beginning of hurricane season. It will rain a bit everyday at lunchtime but we don't mind it. Enjoy!
    Sarah in Charlotte

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    did you get the traveler insurance? if so you should be good to go!!!

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    Just make sure you have trip insurance and you'll be fine. Anything can happen at anytime. I'm sure those traveling a few weeks ago didn't think they would deal with volcanic ash. If you change to December, it could be a snow storm getting there. I say keep it the same and make sure you have 'cancel for any reason' insurance.

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    We done Couples a few times during hurricane season, and had a couple of close calls. Get trip insurance for peace of mind.

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    We go in August frequently. Only one trip was canceled do yo weather. We missed one by a few days and we had one pass by during our stay. I still love Negril in August!

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    Buy trip insurance, you will feel better.

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    Yes, there will be a hurricane in August.
    Now, what are the odds it will be where you are, when you are there?
    Slim to slimmer.
    Go. Enjoy.

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    We have been to CSA 3 times, always in August. In fact our fourh trip will also be in August, the 7th to the 15th. Hope to see you there. never had a hurricane (but yes, it can happen), we do see some rain, but not that much. Last year it would rain right at lunch time every day for about an hour, never bothered us. Don't worry, a little rain wont't close the bars........

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    Purchase "Cancel For Any Reason" trip insurance and hope that you don't need to use it. Plan to enjoy yourself and sleep better knowing that you won't lose everything in the rare case that a hurricane hits during your scheduled trip. With insurance, the worst case is that you lose the price of the insurance and have to reschedule.
    Happy & Safe Travels!


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    Unfortunately no one can predict the weather. There is a chance you could encounter a hurricane but realistically unless you are traveling for a long period of time you will know before you head down there if there is a system developing and/or developed.

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    Default Hurricane no big deal

    My wife and I were at COR now CTI during Hurricane Emily. I can always remember her name (the hurricane that is) because I have a sister-in-law with that name and it fits her (she's an emergency room nurse). During the Storm, (which hit really hard) Couples did a great job securing the property, providing fun activities, and updating everyone’s stay. Each guest's stay had to be lengthened by at least two days or shortened if they elected not to stay. This was due to the fact that the airport was closed for two-days after the storm and one day prior to the storm actually hitting the island. We didn't even have the travel insurance. However, this would have been a great example of when it would be great to have. It would of saved us some money.

    This was one of my wife's and I favorite trips even though we had been to COR/CTI six other times. The Storm also provided a great opportunity for us to bring home a little souvenir (We got pregnant due to all of the extra activity time).

    Relax and go whenever you can. A Hurricane could only add to the wonder and excitement of your journey.
    Mark & Sylvia

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    Buy the necessary insurance and read about Couples Hurricane policy. It's always possible and Hurricanes DO hit Jamaica !!!
    During Atlantic Hurricane season,
    even a bad storm can disrupt travel throughout the Southeast US. If your flight is through Miami or Orlando etc your trip can still be affected.

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    Our anniversary is August 1, and we always end up somewhere that is hurricane prone at that time. We have never experienced a hurricane in the Florida Keys, Grand Cayman, Bermuda, or Bahamas in early August. However, remember Hurricane Andrew? It hit Florida in early August. Katrina? Late August. The truth is, there's no way to tell. A relatively small hurricane could brush by Jamaica, but give you several days of hard rain at the beginning of August. And let's not even think of what a major hurricane could do.

    I would recommend buying trip insurance. For probably less than $200, you will have the peace of mind knowing that your "investment" is safe.

    Good luck to you. We will also be in the Caribbean the first week of August and are hoping for the best for everyone.

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    Sure there is a risk, just take insurance and if one was to develop you can rebook. A direct hit is rare and you are more likely to see tropical storm weather activity.
    We always take August vacations due to work commitments, and while one came close we haven't had to cancel yet. Missed our resort by 200 miles and 1 day.
    The worst we have had is the daily 2:00pm thunderstorms, which always cleared out leaving another few hrs of sunshine...a good reason to head over to the bars..and just wait them out with a few Red Stripes...

    We are planning to return to CN or CSA(still undecided maybe a split) this August

    have fun


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    My Fiance and I were at CN in August '08. The first 4 days there was not a drop of rain. The last 3 days it only rained each day for about an hour. Get trip insurance and enjoy!!

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    That part of the reason you should take insurance. Yes there are hurricanes, but not every week.

    We have twice vacationed in peak hurricane season at Couples. Once for a week in August 2009, and once for a week in Sept 2008. It was great, had some terrific weather on both trips. Because its peak hurricane season, the resorts won’t be full and you get all the pros and cons with a hotel at 65% capacity vs. 100% capacity. We were happy we went when we did. The vacations were great, staff and food and weather was wonderful.

    Hopefully you will have the same.

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    August is smack in the middle of hurricane season. We got the trip insurance but aren't really worried about it. We've been hit 3 of the last 4 years at home! I'd rather take the risk in paradise! lol
    Can't wait to get to CTI this August!

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    Thanks for the info. We hope to see you there as well. We will be the couple with the STEELERS beer mugs. We live in South Carolina.

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