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    Default dress code advice for!!!!!

    we will be arriving in just under 6 weeks to tower isle, sooooo excited im starting to shop for evening clothes, can somebody please tell me what sort of clothes the women generally wear, is it dresses and heels or!!!!
    many thanks

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    sundresss and sandals

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    Sundresses and dressy sandals - sometimes capris and dressy tops.

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    I take nice sundresses and sandals with a moderate heel for the evenings. I have seen cocktail dresses with dressy sandals. Main thing is to dress nicely. Just in case you were wondering, the men wear nice dress shorts with a button-up style shirt (think Hawaiian shirts) with nice sandals. Except for the 'fancy' restaurants where they need long dress slacks with closed toe shoes and a button-up shirt (Hawaiian works again). I have seen men in t-shirts and shorts with flip flops, but they stand out (not in a good way) and look really tacky.
    Juliann & Jeff
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    It's really up to you. If you're not eating in the "nice" restaurant (the one that requires reservations), you're fine in shorts and a top. Some women prefer to dress up for dinner, but it's not required.

    For the reservations restaurant, most women wear a sundress and sandals or nice slacks (no jeans) or skirt with a fancy top. However, it's not unusual for women to dress up with heels, etc. Cocktail dresses are probably overkill, but no one will complain if that's what you want to do.

    The one thing I will say -- don't overpack. We've now been 5 times and every time I take less and every time I still go home w/unworn clothing.

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    women dress nicely, but doesn't have to be formal evening wear. A nice dress, sundress, etc. is normal. A nice blouse and dress slacks are also acceptable. Some try to get away with less (and manage to, even in the fancier restaurants, depending how busy it is), but if you're like most women and wear nice clothes, you'll be fine. Have a good time!

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    Sundresses, sandals, skorts & halters.

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    Most evenings we wear dresses...I usually wear strappy sandals w/heel. If you want to dress up go for it! There is not really an occasion for any type of formal, so keep it light and comfortable..If you look at pics of people in the piano bar you will get a very good idea of how to dress in the evening! Have a great time! We go back July 4th!

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    I wear dresses, and dressy heels. They could be called sundresses, but they're more like spaghetti strap or strapless dresses.

    I prefer to dress up for dinner, since I don't get much of a chance to do so at home, and while I am definitely on the dressier side of things, I am by no means overdressed.

    So you can really do what makes you comfortable. (As long as you don't try to wear flip-flops to 8Rivers. )

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    I wore sundresses and sandals with heels every eveining but one. That evening I wore a nice top and capris with nice sandals. I did wear one dress twice so don't think you have to have a different outfit for every evening. My husband also wore a few shirts twice. Don't forget the slacks and closed toe shoes for your husband if you plan to eat at Eight Rivers.
    Have a great trip!!

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    Thanks for all the advise, only 5 weeks to go now and we cant wait :-)
    lorraine x

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