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    We have about 30 guests that will be joining us when we get married at CTI in October. Of the group about 6 of them will be singles. For example, my fiance's mom and aunt will be traveling together because their husbands can't make it, I have two aunts who will be traveling together, and my two younger brothers who are 23 who may be traveling alone. Will this be an issue with the overall scheme of things? I know that couples allow single guests for weddings, but I'm just wondering if will be an issue. What are your thoughts??? Thanks in advance!

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    Single guests traveling the way you described will not be an issue,but keep in mind that Couples activities are designed for Couples and the overall set up of the resort is couples oriented.
    Also keep in mind all the rooms have kingsize beds and I am pretty sure no roll aways are available

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    I have a very similar situation with two single brothers that may be attending my wedding. If they wouldn't mind sharing rooms it would save some money, and I'm sure it wouldn't be an issue as long as they are aware that this is a couples resort and be sure they are acting appropraitly.
    When I posted this similar question someone suggested that my brothers pretend to be a couple, but I don't think this is appropriate either. They don't need to pretend, just act in a mature and appropraite manner. This should be a nice vacation for them too.

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    We just returned last week from our wedding at CTI and had two guests who are single. They did share a room, and it was not a problem for them. I don't think there are cots or roll-aways available though, so as long as your single guests don't mind sharing a king sized bed it should be fine. As for how to "behave" on the resort, I agree that most of the activities are couples oriented, but there are group activities as well, and I really don't think anyone stood out as being single. Often our entire was was together anyway (at meals, in the piano bar, at the festivities in the evenings) so it did not matter. As someone else said, I don't think the atmosphere is one where singles have to pretend to be a couple. Our single guests had a great time even when our group was not all together, and they even did some stuff alone (lounging in the pool with a drink does not require a partner!) because there is so much to do! I think it will be fine.

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    I agree with dandw. We were married at CSA in Nov. 09 and had 7 couples join us and we did a lot of things together. And I don't think they would have to "act" like they are a couple at all. There are so many activities to do and have fun, that they will have a great time. It's just not a place to look for a date or a single person, and as long as anyone goes with that in mind, it shouldn't be a big deal.

    Have fun
    CSA 11-7-09

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    We had 2 singles at our wedding (my niece and her friend) They shared a room and were able to get 2 queen beds in their room (at CSA). In fact, my brother and his wife had to beds as well, which wasn't what they wanted, but whatever. Maybe things have changed, but you could inquire if they have rooms with 2 beds.
    All the staff made them feel very comfortable and they had no problems. The odd guest gave them a weird sideways glance, but whatever. They laughed it off. Some people are too uptight. They weren't bothering anyone. They enjoyed all the activities, particularly the watersports, and had a great time.

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    Greetings: There are no longer any double beds at CSA. All rooms at all resort now only have king beds.

    Couples Resorts

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    Quote Originally Posted by randymon View Post
    Greetings: There are no longer any double beds at CSA. All rooms at all resort now only have king beds.
    This makes total sense, seeing as how it is a resort for COUPLES!
    So I guess your guests have to be ok with sharing a bed. Mind you, these are the largest king sized beds I've ever seen. I swear they're bigger than the norm. Some have referred to them as California kings. We would wake up in the morning and I'd wonder if my DH was still in bed. "hellooooo.... are you over there?" LOL

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