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    Default New Year 2010

    Ok so here I am, early again but I just can't help myself !
    We normally come for Christmas and New Year but will only be there for New Year this year because of the way the flights have worked out. We will be there from the 28th December for 14 glorious days, looking forward to celebrating our first wedding anniversary, meeting up with all our old friends and making some new ones as always.
    Will you be there ??
    See you in 245 days
    Ellie and Steve
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    We're leaving on the 27th and will be missing you by one day.

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    very sad to miss you, wont be the same without you !!!

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    We arrive 23rd December and leave on Jan 4. We've never been away at Christmas before and are really looking forward to it. It is sooo far away, but I can't help myself either.

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    Default forgot to say

    we will be at CN !

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    Hey Ellie and Steve,

    It's Kevin and Becky here. We will be arriving on new years day so we'll see you there. In the meantime we're off to CN for a couple of weeks on saturday.
    Missed you last xmas as we ended up down there november/december.
    Take care

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    Hey Kevin and Becky, will be good to see you again, enjoy Couples, I am only slightly envious !!!!!!!!!!!

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    224 days to go, far far too long in my opinion !!!!

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    211 days !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    190 days !!!!!!!!!!!

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    155 days
    22 weeks
    doesn't sound too much does it ??

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    Default I will keep trying !!!

    140 days and serious diet is underway (I say that every year though )

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    nearly at the double digits !!!

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    86 days and counting, crash diet anyone ??

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    Default 78 days

    We will be arriving on Dec. 24th for 8 days. I hope this year's travel is better than last year when we were delayed 2 days by a big snow storm on the East Coast.

    Gene & Terry
    Somers Point, NJ
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    wow I thought our 9 hour delay was bad !!!

    See you soon

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    8 weeks today we will be travelling to the airport for our airport hotel stay just before flying to paradise whoo hoo

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    And 6 week's today you'll be on that plane to paradise !! You must be getting so excited I'm just reading the MB again, first time since last February !! We're there in 11.5 weeks so I've started our 12 weeks countdown ..... but wish we only had 6 to wait .... NYE is gonna seem so boring this year

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    Default Xmas/NY CN

    Hi Ellie & Steve,
    We remember your wedding from last year. We will back again this year from Dec 18-Jan3rd and celebrating our 5th anniversary at CN on the 30th. look forward to seeing you soon, Mike & Sarah

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    oh yes I cannot wait, especially as it is getting cold now, will have to do xmas dinner at home this year but at least we will be there soon after, we wont be doing Couples next xmas as we have a big trip to Malaysia planned for Steve's 50th, so will have to make the most of this year !!
    Don't worry I will be mega jealous of you when you are going in February

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    Default 12/19-27

    Hi Ellie and Steve,
    We are just going to miss you, too. We'll be leaving on the 27th. It was nice meeting you last year. Have a Happy New Year and Anniversary.
    Angela & Les
    Warwick, RI
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    Hi, was also lovely to meet you both last year, wish we could stay for at least four weeks as we are missing a few of our friends this year. I can't think of a better place to spend our first anniversary
    Hope you both enjoy your time at CN and hope to see you again one year soon.

    Ellie x

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    We arrive on the 27th, leave the 1st! Can't wait to meet everyone.

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    Default info requested from all the dec 25th-jan 3rd folks


    We are planning on coming to CN Dec 27th 2011 thru Jan 3rd 2012. We normally go during the month of april.....could you year enders give us some info on what that last week of the year is like on the resort? parties? food...the people....stuff like that


    Jay & Susan

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    Have a good trip tomorrow Ellie and Steve.
    We'll see you saturday

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