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    Default the road to negril....

    back in 2001 for my first honeymoon,... the road to negril was along the ocean and was rough. they were working on a interstate type road. is it complete yet?? i personally liked the beach road to see the "real" jamaica. others complained but not me. now with my new wife,... im hoping we will make the same trek to negril along the beach road. got to wait until september for our trip but am VERY excited to get back to jamaica.

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    There have been MANY improvements since 2001. There are some areas that are now under construction to create wider lanes for traffic which is a great improvement.

    Your next trip back will take you down memory lane. Improvements for the better.

    Try using Google Earth and check out Jamaica.

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    The beach road is definitely still there and you truly do get to see Jamaica. I love it too.

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    The new road is in & the time it takes to go between Mobay & Negril is shorter now. You still get a good look at "real Jamaica" but it's not like the old road. The first few times we went to Negril .... starting in 1998 .... it was an adventure for sure.

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    i would say you will be taking the same path. They are doing some construction but I wuld not call it anything close to an interstate.

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    My goodness, the "old" road to Negril must be causing a bit of nastalgia out there!

    The old road is pretty much gone, although a goodly share of the new road is built on the old roadbed. It was in such sad shape that its been mostly abandoned. Some grizzled vets will recognize those spots that are still used (especially near Lucea and Green River), and if you know where to look, you can still see some of the old road bed.

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    omg, the old road to Negril, very painful, potholes, animals, single lanes

    our first time it took 2.5 hours, after that we flew TimAir until they fixed the road

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