So now that the 2011 deals have been extended we're looking to book a trip to CSA. However, I've been doing some reading on the different types of rooms, and I have to say I am stumped. Short of knowing that the BFVS is NOT in our budget, anything else is fair game but the problem is... I don't know what to pick!

From the reviews I've read, noise is an issue at CSA and so we should not stay in the great house or near the road... the problem is, I have no idea which types of rooms that means we should avoid.

The atrium suites seem attractive because of the hammock on the balcony (do they also have chairs and such as well as the hammock?), but I've heard they don't have windows??? Are they really hot and noisy then???

We were also looking at a Garden verandah or an ocean verandah... is one better than the other in terms of location? noise? anything else I'm missing?

So as you can see... I'm slightly confused. Any help from experienced CSA'ers would be great. What would you pick?