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    So, we just received our travel docs yesterday!!! When I opened the HUGE envelope, I was squeeling all through the house!!! LOL my cats were looking at me like I was crazy! Maybe i was, i sure felt like it! LOL But it is definitely exciting when you receive your travel stuff. You know it's almost time to go....back to paradise, back home! We still have 52 days to wait though, then we will be at CSA!!!
    you know the right side of the boarding tickets, the piece that gets ripped off and gets you back through the airport to come home??? it has our airline info on both, correct, except 1 thing. Next the fligh#'s on hubby's is says flight 10 and with an "S" next to it and the same thing for return on flight 11. Mine has same thing for departure with the "S", but the return has an "R". Anyone know what this might mean???? I'm starting to freak out and I'm making him call travel agent when we get home from work!!!!

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    I understand your excitement! I just got an email this afternoon that our travel docs are ready to pick up. We are 4 weeks out. Not sure what the letters mean on your tix. Hopefully someone else knows!

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    While I completely understand Couples' green strategy, I have to admit, I DO kind of miss getting the "package" in the mail.

    Now we just print out an email to take with us.

    In any case, we'll be at CSA in 17 days. Woot Woot.

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    Hey! We are leaving for CSA (first timer) this Saturday 5/1 and we cannot wait!! However, what travel package are you talking about? We weren't expecting anything (nor have we rec'd anything). All I have is an email confirmation from Cheap Carribbean (we didn't book through Couples). Is this sufficient? Just want to make sure I have everything I need. Also, from other threads, I've gathered I do not need to do anything for the transportation from the airport to Couples ... correct? I cannot wait to get there!! Thanks for your help!

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    mary17 -

    Bring a printout of your confirmation e-mail with you. You'll probably not need it.

    What everyone's talking about is the "complimentary" and more formal looking travel packet that some travel agencies provide. Ours does, and its a very welcome sight when it arrives.

    It happens to include a travel voucher (really, just a fancy confirmation booklet) that includes everything we already know about our vacation, contact numbers, etc., some nice luggage tags, and its all packaged in a nice travel purse that looks kind of like a school pencil case (I'm showing my age, aren't I?).

    As for yourselves, just make your way to the Couples Lounge after clearing Immigration and Customs, tell them who you are, show them your confirmation number, if necessary, and they'll take good care of you.


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    Hi mary17,

    All you will receive is an email with all your documents. You should have received your confirmation/trip ID code so you can print your etickets, and your hotel and transportation vouchers (transportation is included with Couples). Just print off the vouchers, and you should be all set!

    Have a wonderful trip!!! I don't get to return home until Dec....counting the days!


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    You are right, you don't need to do anything from the airport to Couples. When you get to the airport you will have to go down and around and over and up and then you will make it to just seems far from the terminal. After that you will come to a great place, a colorful and awesome room. It is where all of the lounges and boothes are for the Resorts and other vendors. You will see the Couples lounge. They will check your bags then you can head over to the spirited bartender to grab that long awaited Red Stripe. A drink or two will help for the ride to the Resort :-) When they are ready for you to start your 1.5 hour journey home, they will take you and the bags to the bus. Be aware, the guy who took our luggage to the bus basically required a tip and wouldn't leave until he got one (they are not Couples employees). That was annoying. Other than that, sit back, relax and enjoy the entertaining ride. Oh yeah, you will see people in the road...don't worry, they won't get hit :-)

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    Mary17- You are fine. You have everything you need. Transportation is taken care of. Just BE EXCITED!

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