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    Default !!!stop the conflict!!!

    Pretty PLEASE Couples stop the conflict between the beach party and the repeater dinner both held on Monday night at CTI. I love both functions and absolutely hate to choose between the two. I was all set to choose the beach party this year then lobster night was moved to Friday the day we leave. Now I must decide between the beach party and the repeaters dinner. Might miss lobster all together if we don't attend the repeaters dinner but REALLY miss the beach party. Help me out here Couples
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    We completey agree. we are also leaving on a fri this year and will miss lobster nite wish it was still on thurs, but it is a really big bummer having to choose between the repeaters dinner and the beach party seeing as we enjoy them both so much!!!

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    Is the Couples repeaters dinner the same night as the beach party at all of the resorts? I want to attend both. The beach party was so much fun at CSS.

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    We totally agree! The beach party is so much fun but we don't dare miss a repeaters party. Is there a reason that they're both held on the same night?

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    Quote Originally Posted by LizzieBabyDoll View Post
    Is the Couples repeaters dinner the same night as the beach party at all of the resorts? I want to attend both. The beach party was so much fun at CSS.
    Not at CSA or CSS not sure about CN. I was hoping that would change after the remodel.
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    We lucked out this time began pouring rain on the way to dinner. We still hadn't made up our mind as where we were eating until the last moment...It was a stressor on our day and I dont want to feel like that agian next year. You used to have casino night on Tues so why not have beach party on Tues or repeaters on Tues, whatever, just seperate the two...If you think about this, it is a positive dilema, there are that many repeaters that want to enjoy the beach party they fell in love w/the first time around!

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    It used to be that Casino was on Tuesday, bt now that is gone also. The pool gala was moved into the patio, so gone are the ornate ice sculptures. Maybe this will change as things become more settled.

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    Stop the INSANITY!!!!

    Hehehe, sorry....I know this response has nothing to do with Couples or even Jamaica in general. But every time I see the subject title of this thread it takes me back to the TV days of the 80's and the dawn of the then unique, but now ubiquitous infomercials.

    For anyone who can recall TV back in those days: remember Susan Powter? She was that extremely annoying gal with the short, platinum blond haircut and husky voice who created a health and diet infomercial? Or something like that. She would start out showing some clips of overweight, out of shape people eating bad-for-you food, then eventually she's bellow out, "Stop the INSANITY!!!" and that line would echo for dramatic effect. It was like her trademark.

    Oh well, just goes to show what happens when I'm sitting here at my desk during a break and have nothing better to do.

    Reading is fundamental. It's just that for some, it's more mental than fun.

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    Randymon, any thoughts?

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