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    Default Day passes at CN?

    We have never been to any of the Couples resorts but we have booked a stay at CN this September. I was very torn between CN and CSA and was wondering if they give day passes or anything like that so we can go check out CSA during our stay at CN. This will help to satisfy my curiosity of both resorts

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    To see CSA for the day you can register for Romance Rewards before you arrive Once you arrive sign up for Trading Places. Trading places is available on Mon, Weds & Fri. You will get to spend from 10 AM to 4 PM @ CSA.
    We did it from CSS to CTI and it was great! It is the least expensive excursion we ever did

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    Before you go in September... go on line and become a member of RomanceRewards. With this membership, you are granted daypass exchange priveledges at the neighboring Couples resorts (SweptAway and Couples Negril on the Negril side, and Tower Isle and Sans Souci on the Ocho Rios side).

    Without the membership, you can still purchase a daypass for, I believe, $75.

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    Default Day Passes at CN?

    We did the mirror of what you are wanting to do when we stayed at CSA in February and went to CN for the day. It is well worth it. It really solidified with us that it is the Couples service model that we were enamoured with as much as the resort itself. It was very simple to arrange, as the other people on the post have stated, get your Romance Rewards registration out of the way before you go and then stop by the Concierge when you arrive in Jamaica. It only takes 10 minutes at most to get between the two resorts.

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    thank you! I registered for the Romance Rewards but am I need to be a repeat guest to use the day pass?

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