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    Default Best Room Category @ CSS & Why?

    We are headed to CSS in May 2011, our first time to that side of the island (CN 2001, CSA 2008) and I'm really torn about which room category to choose at CSS because of all the cliffs, nooks, crannys and what appears to be a vast amount of land to walk to get to everything. I certainly don't mind the walking but what I want most out of a room is to hear the ocean while I sleep and to wake up in the morning and be able to see the ocean from my balcony.

    What room category would you suggest and/or what room category/building have you stayed in and did you love it? I've heard a lot about Building D but still can't figure out what room category that falls under.

    Thanks for any and all help!

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    Building D has various room categories of which the best imho is the Penthouse Suites of which D building has five

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    personally, we were there last year and loved the beachfront suites. they are right in the middle of everything, but not noisy. Easy to get back to in the middle of the day if you're in a hurry, and also reduces the number of times you have to climb the stairs.

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    We like the one bedroom ocean suite in bldg "D".

    If you want to avoid the stairs (mostly) you can stay in a Beachfront Jacuzzi Suite. Those are on the same level as: beach, Palazinna Restaurant, Bella Vista Restaurant. You would only climb the stairs for Casanova Restaurant and Balloon Bar.

    All rooms face the ocean so no matter which room you choose you will see the ocean from your balcony.
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    I've only been to CSS once, and we were fortunate enough to have the Steve McQueen Penthouse Suite. The room was lovely, and if you left the french doors open off the bedroom, you could hear the ocean! This Penthouse Suite was in D Block. D Block is centrally located without too many stairs. From this MB I have heard that the rooms in G block have awesome unobstructed views of the water, so you may be able to hear the waves crashing too. Since you have already selected CSS for your vacation, I don't believe that there will be any "bad" room selection. The property is soooo beautiful, you will have the vacation of a lifetime!

    I hope you and your SO have a wonderful vacation!


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    We were just there April 10-17 and lived in F3 (1BR Ocean Suite)for a week, decent location. I was able to see the mountains and the ocean from my balcony, although the view was somewhat blocked by the gorgeous trees and flowers. The beachfront suites in A & B looked to have the bed closest to the ocean so that one could actually be in bed and see the water, depending on the floor. Our bedroom was situated away from that area which worked out well because we were located overlooking the Balloon Bar and were able to retire early and not hear the music with the bed away from that area. No way to hear the ocean from the room, maybe from the balcony in the early morning when it is quiet. Not much wave activity there, head over to the massage huts to hear the best crashing wave sounds.

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