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    Default Our wedding at CSA 4/15/2010

    Our wedding at CSA was more beautiful than I could have ever dreamed. I was a bit concerned because we didn't get to meet with Tamika (wedding coordinator) until the day before the wedding. We sat with her for an hour going over the details of what we had envision our dream beach wedding to look like. We set up my appointments at the spa, coordinated cocktail party, and dinner. CSA was very relaxed and encouraging with all the details we wanted to include in our wedding. After our meeting, I think my nerves started to calm down.

    On our wedding day, my finance and I started with breakfast at the palms. Then we went our separate way, I went to the spa and got treated like a queen. My sister and I spent all morning there getting all types of services performed. Tamika had arranged for my wedding dress, veil and his tuxedo to be pressed. There was a little confusion on who was supposed to bring the items to the rooms, because my finance and I had separate locations to get ready. But that's when my sister (MOH) kicked it into high gear and straightened out everything. After that I continued at the spa with getting my hair style, but was hit with the question. "How would you like your hair style"? I had no idea and just show the girl my veil, and said "Just make it work with this". I know I should have been more prepared but that one thing that I had no answer for. She finished up my hair at 315pm, and our wedding was to start at 400pm. We rushed back to my room to get dress and our photographer DIANA CAMPBELL and Richard were out on the balcony snapping pictures. We paid an extra $500 to have her come on the resorts for photos, and it was all well worth the money. Our guests started to arrive and photos were being taken. Tamika came to the rooms delivering our flowers we had order the day before, BEAUTIFUL!!!! The guys were taken to there spots for the wedding. My sister and I were lead to our location. When I walked out, and down the aisle I could not believe how beautiful everything looked. We chose the full "chuppa" with lots of flowers. The ceremony, took placed without a hitch.

    The private cocktail party was to die for. Everything was so beautiful, the location, the set, and presentation. All my guests loved it. We rapped up things by having dinner in the Palms with the live band. My sister, talked to a waiter to arrange for the band to announce us for our first dance. I was sooo surprised and totally caught off guard.

    CSA and Diana Campbell made our wedding day, a day my guests and I will never forget!!!!!!
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    great review love your picture!

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    Beautiful!!! You're description is just as I remembered from Oct 2008. Glad you enjoyed your day. Tamika is GREAT and really goes out of her way to make your day stress free!!! Congrats!!!

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    From an outsiders prospective, your wedding looked great! My wife and I got married on 4-12 on the beach and just so happened to see you getting married. We were also at Palms for your first dance. Congrats!!!

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    Do you mind sharing more pictures of your wedding. I'm getting married at CSA in 3 weeks and am using Diana. I'm so nervous and excited but more nervous. Just not knowing what to expect and hoping and praying my wedding day and pictures turn out great.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mstravelbug View Post
    Do you mind sharing more pictures of your wedding. I'm getting married at CSA in 3 weeks and am using Diana. I'm so nervous and excited but more nervous. Just not knowing what to expect and hoping and praying my wedding day and pictures turn out great.
    Congrats mstravelbug!! No worries, it will all run smoothly. Our wedding went without a hitch. As the groom I was a bit nervous but of course didn't show or admit to it :-) Tamika will take care of you. We also spoke with her the day before we got married but after an hour she had it all planned out. They are good at what they do and it shows. As for the pictures, the place is awesome and it would be difficult not to have great pictures.

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    Great review...I can't wait for more pictures. Congrats!

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    I would love to also see the photos!!
    We are getting married at CSA on May 10th!
    Was there an extra charge for the beachside flowers and full chuppa?

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    We were there swimming in the water during your ceremony! We stayed out of the way for the photos, though. It was beautiful, even from out there! Congrats!

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    Default More on our 4/15/2010 at CSA

    There was an extra charge for the chuppa, it was $600. The flowers were included for that extra charge. We paid $500 for Diana to come on the resort. She and her son shot pictures of us getting ready, the ceremony, cocktail party, and sunset pictures. In total I think that was about 5hrs of shots. She also recorded the wedding for us. So, in total we got 5hrs worth of very personalize service. In the beginning we were going to let the resort photograph the wedding, but the packages didn't include enough shots. Diana is flexible with her prices, and the service and attention to detail was unmatchable. I am so please in the job that Diana and Tamika did. I not one of those girls who are into weddings but they made it seem that I was very detail oriented.

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    I have a question that may or may not be crazy but I see you're African American and I am too and I also read that you got your hair done at the looks beautiful by the way :-) but can you tell me if you saw any ladies with short hair getting their hair done?

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