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    So we are going to cti ion july. Here is my question. Is it cheaper to find and pay for the excursions there or look for deals on the web and preplan everything? Any ideas.

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    What type of excursions are you wanting to do?

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    I don't know about the price difference but I would wait and book there, as you may find, like so many of us that it's hard to get up off the beach and do anything.

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    Booking your excursions in advance is good if you have a group you are planning with and have a particular service you want to use. Other than that I would wait until you get to the resort to book your trips off resort. You may find a group rate cheaper but on a small party the rates would be about the same.

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    I didn't think this question was crazy at all. I have been wondering the same thing myself. As my husband & I have a natural tan (lol), we r not planning on spending days on the beach. A couple of hours per day at best but, I am a pool person. We do plan on going on quite a few excursions.

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